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After finishing a campaign scenario, in addition to the time and score, the game may grant you a set of awards depending on how you played it. The following is a (probably incomplete) list worked out while playing:

One with the shadows
Stealth kill all enemies.
Take no prisoners
Kill all enemies with an edged weapon, or stab them after death.
Don't take any damage.
Divide and conquer
Only fight one enemy at a time.
Aikido Master!
Defeat all enemies with reversal KOs.
Don't use a weapon at all. There must be at least one weapon on the map though.
No 'nice shot's or stealth kills.
Blade slinger
Kill all enemies with a thrown blade.
Stab enemies after killing them.
Knife fighter
Kill all enemies with a knife.
Escape artist
Run away and hide when a rabbit seeks help (shown as a yellow triangle on map)