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This page gives descriptions on how the equipment in Lunia fare. The list of equipment is in progress.

Types of Equipment[edit]

The many equipment in Lunia is divided into several types:

  • Defensive equipment (hereafter referred to as armors, although it's not really accurate), which is divided into some more types:
    • Head (the hats)
    • Body (the shirts and dresses)
    • Hand (the gloves)
    • Legs (the pants and skirts)
    • Foot (the shoes)
  • Offensive equipment (hereafter referred to as weapons)
  • Support equipment
  • Accessories, which are earrings, rings and necklaces.

Equipment can be acquired in many ways:

  • From quests.
  • From boxes dropped by enemies and bosses.
    • Monsters may drop Loose boxes (the most common), Rare boxes and Unique boxes (almost never). Additionally, loose boxes themselves may contain rare boxes, and subsequently rare boxes may contain unique boxes.
    • Bosses will always drop boss boxes, but they may contain either boss equipment boxes (which may contain any kind of equipment including accessories), monster-dropped boxes (loose box and its ilk), or unidentified gem (which can be refined into reagent gems).
  • From the shops. Merchant Chancy sells armors and weapons, while the Accessory Merchant sells rings together with potions and other things.

The equipment are also divided into grades. The lower the grade, the weaker the equipment. In addition, equipment also have names, such as Apprentice equipment, Puzzling equipment and so on.

Equipment Sets[edit]

Equipment with the same name usually share a certain characteristic, regarless of grades. For example, a 1st grade Puzzling equipment has something in common with 6th grade Puzzling equipment, the shared characteristic being bad stat. Equipment other than Practice and Apprentice equipment have bonuses in addition to their Def or Damage stats, that is they may give boost to Str, Dex, Vit, Int, HP and Mana. Armors with different names often have noticably different Def, while weapons with different names may have relatively the same Damage. However, equipping all armors and weapon with the same name doesn't give you any special bonuses.

Practice Set[edit]

These equipment can only be acquired in History Stage 1-1, and only the Head, Body and Weapon can be obtained.

Loose Box Sets[edit]

Equipment that come from loose boxes are all Apprentice equipment. Apprentice armors only give Def bonus, while Apprentice weapons only give Damage bonus.

Rare Box Sets[edit]

Equipment from rare boxes vary greatly, and are distinguished by name. As stated earlier, equipment with similar name has certain trends in what bonus they give.

Fishnet Set[edit]

Fishnet armors have bad Def, but they give decent Str and Dex bonuses. Until you find the likes of Mutant sets or Phantom sets, you may not mind to keep these.

Hurricane Set[edit]

Hurricane Equipment give minor Str bonus and very high Dex bonus.

Loan Shark Set[edit]

Loan Shark armors will have relatively low Def and decent Vit and HP bonus. However, these sets are best sold, for they fetch a hefty amount of money in the shops.

Manly Set[edit]

Manly armors have decent Def, Str and HP bonus. A decent choice for Knights.

Miracle Set[edit]

Miracle equipment tend to give only one stat bonus, the bonus is often massive.

Mutant Set[edit]

Mutant equipment give decent Str and Dex bonus.

Phantom Set[edit]

Phantom equipment give better bonus in Str, Dex, Vit and Int compared to Suspicious equipment, if HP and Mana are excluded. Phantom armors also have better Def than Suspicious armors.

Puzzling Set[edit]

Puzzling armors will give very bad Def and a minor bonus stat, usually Str. Puzzling weapons are not as bad, but they also lack impressive bonuses. Sell these immediately.

Spiritual Set[edit]

Spiritual set focuses on Mana and Int, thus best for Wizards.

Suspicious Set[edit]

Suspicious armors will have decent Def, and minor bonus on every stat (Str, Dex, Vit, Int, HP and Mana). Except for HP and Mana bonus, these bonuses are inferior those from Phantom sets, and Suspicious armors have less Def as well.

Unique Box Sets[edit]

Like rare box equipment, unique box equipment have names and as such distinguishable by them.

Best Bride/Bridegroom Set[edit]

Cobalt Set[edit]

Cobalt equipment give minor bonuses in all stats, just like Suspicious ones. However, Cobalt armors have very high Def, usually double those of average rare box equipment, for instance a 2nd degree Cobalt Dress has more Def than even 3rd degree rare dresses. However, it seems that currently the Def stat doesn't seem to have any particular effect, so don't get your hope up for this yet.

Fallen Angel Set[edit]

Fighter Set[edit]

Fighter sets give big Str and Dex bonus.

Herculean Set[edit]

Master Set[edit]

Soulless Set[edit]

Undertaker Set[edit]

Like Miracle, Undertaker gives big bonus but only to one particular stat.