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Robot Masters[edit]

Like most games in the series, Mega Man will faces eight new Robot Masters. This lineup includes the first ever female boss character in the original series, Splash Woman.

Name Short Description Weapon
DRN-065 Concrete Man (コンクリートマン) Concrete Man was a robot who took charge in constructing dams. He was very proud of his craftsmanship, and berated any worker robots he discovered cutting corners. Concrete Shot (コンクリートショット)
DRN-066 Tornado Man (トルネードマン) Originally a robot stationed in a weather control center. With the ability to create powerful tornadoes, he used them to offset the formation of typhoons. Tornado Blow (トルネードブロー)
DRN-067 Splash Woman (スプラッシュウーマン) Splash Woman rescues those involved in accidents at sea. She is the first female boss character to date. Her design is inspired by the appearance of a mermaid. Laser Trident (レーザートライデント)
DRN-068 Plug Man (プラグマン) A line inspection robot at a television set factory. He carries out the final check on the products with a sharp eye. Plug Ball (プラグボール)
DRN-069 Jewel Man (ジュエルマン) A robot that works in a diamond mine. He is in charge of polishing work with his skilled fingers. Jewel Satellite (ジュエルサテライト)
DRN-070 Hornet Man (ホーネットマン) Hornet Man is the supervisor at a flower theme park. He knows everything there is to know about flowers from all over the world. His upper-body appears to be made of large, honeycomb-like structures. Hornet Chaser (ホーネットチェイサー)
DRN-071 Magma Man (マグママン) Once a worker security robot at a geothermal power station, he can withstand magma thousands of degrees in temperature. Magma Bazooka (マグマバズーカ)
DRN-072 Galaxy Man (ギャラクシーマン) An assistant robot at a space laboratory. He has a brain that can instantly perform calculations of rocket trajectories. Black Hole Bomb (ブラックホールボム)