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Note: in some glitch-like cases, enemies have slightly lower HP than normal.

Regular enemies[edit]

Default sorting is according to the ending credits.

Name HP Stages Information
Mega Man X Enemy Spikey.png
3 Highway stage
Chill Penguin
A large wheel-shaped robot with spikes, these robots will try to roll into you and then explode. They're fairly weak, but move quickly. If you shoot them with a basic charged shot they will die. If you shoot them twice with the Mega buster they will fall over and slide a bit before coming to a full stop. After a moment they explode.
Mega Man X Enemy Crusher.png

Highway stage

These flying yellow robots have spiked ends and try to drop their spiked bottom half onto destructible ground, below. They can be fairly annoying in groups. Try to avoid standing underneath them. They are set to patrol a small area, and if left alone, will destroy all of the destructible ground below them. If there is none, they will not attack, even if X is right below them.
Ball De Voux
Mega Man X Enemy Ball De Voux.png

Highway stage
Spark Mandrill
Storm Eagle

Robots that walk on two large legs, they start off as a small ball and then roll out of it. They are extremely weak and can be taken out with one or two Buster shots.
Road Attacker
Mega Man X Enemy Road Attacker.png
Mega Man X Enemy Road Attacker attacking.png
5+4+3 Highway stage Humanoids that drive red cars with a laser cannon mounted on top and spikes attached to the front. They try to shoot drive into X and fire a projectile once in a while. Mega Man X Enemy Road Attacker projectile.png
~ Launch Octopus' ocean stage ~
Mega Man X Enemy Amenhopper.png

Launch Octopus
Sting Chameleon

These robots represent a cross between frogs and water skippers. They can hop short distances, hop up steps, and can glide across water. Their main behavior is to try and run into you. Mega Man X Enemy Amenhopper bomb.png Alternatively, if you are underneath one of them while it is gliding on water above you (in some areas in Launch Octopus' stage), it may drop a bomb that will sink down to the bottom and explode.
Sea Attacker
Mega Man X Enemy Sea Attacker.png Mega Man X Enemy Sea Attacker attacking.png
2 Launch Octopus Sea horse robot that tends to stay in groups. It will roll out from the ground and then attempt to crash into X.
Mega Man X Enemy Gulpfer.png
10 Launch Octopus Annoying puffer fish-like robots which will attempt to "eat" X. If you get stuck inside, quickly keep shooting until the Gulpfer is destroyed. After 5-10 seconds, X's health will start to take one damage ever few seconds.
~ Chill Penguin's snow mountain ~
Ray Bit
Mega Man X Enemy Ray Bit.png
2 Chill Penguin Robot resembling a rabbit, this creature can shoot a laser from its head and will also attempt to crash into X. Its laser only does 1 damage.
MegaManX Enemy Tombot.png
1 Chill Penguin These robots come out of the hives in Chill Penguin's stage, near the heart tank. They fly upwards and to the left while carrying small bombs that drop and disappear when X is close. After they lose their bottom half, they slowly follow X until they are destroyed, X is destroyed, or they leave the viewport.
Bomb Been
Mega Man X Enemy Bomb Been.pngMega Man X Enemy Bomb Been attacking.png

Chill Penguin
Highway stage

Small hornet-like robot that moves from right to left. After attacking it flies up and off the screen. MegaManX Enemy bomb.pngWhen it is above X, it will stop and drop bombs that explode after sitting on the ground for a moment. Its bombs only do 1 damage.
Armor Soldier
Mega Man X Enemy Armor Soldier.pngMega Man X Enemy Armor Soldier in mech.png

Chill Penguin

Humanoids that specialize in riding mechs, similar to those X can ride in. They have 3 HP, but 16 if in a mech. It doesn't attack you unless it jumps into a Mech, so it really doesn't pose much of a threat, but it jumps in quite quickly. The best way to kill them is to have a charged Buster shot ready to take out the Armor Soldier, then steal its mech.
Snow Shooter
Mega Man X Enemy Snow Shooter.png
? Chill Penguin A thin robot which attempts to hurl large and small snowballs at X.
~ Spark Mandrill's factory ~
Gun Volt
Mega Man X Enemy Gun Volt.png Mega Man X Enemy Gun Volt attacking.png
16 Spark Mandrill
Storm Eagle
Highway stage
Large robot with two hind legs. It will stand still for a while, then lower its body and open up its weapon compartments. It will then perform one of two attacks:
  1. Fires two missiles straight out from the Gun Volt, one after the other with room to jump in between. The height of the missile varies randomly, but can only be one of two heights: either at X's face level, or at the height of the top of X's head. X can jump over these or dash under the taller of the two.Mega Man X Enemy Gun Volt missile.png
  2. Drops two electric orbs that quickly slide along the ground. These will slide vertically if they run into a wall or the end of a platform, and will only disappear if they reach the edge of your view. Mega Man X Enemy Gun Volt electric orb.gif
Mega Man X Enemy Hotarion.png
1 Spark Mandrill A firefly that moves extremely quickly, usually from the right side of the screen to the left, and tries to crash into X. The only way to destroy them is to predict where they will appear and fire projectiles ahead of you as you move or leap to a new platform. Since they are placed in static locations on the map, you can learn where they will appear. Backtracking will cause them to appear on the left of the screen and move to the right, which can make traversing an area more difficult.
Mega Man X Enemy Flammingle.png
8 Spark Mandrill
Chill Penguin
Armored Armadillo
Stationary, tall robots that resemble birds. Their primary use is as a barrier. X usually must destroy them before being able to proceed further, since they block his path. However, X can walk through them but will take damage if he does so (X can avoid taking damage by using a charged Chameleon Sting shot). They are extremely easy to dodge and they will not attack unless X is within close proximity. Do not stand near their feet when they are attacking because they will spin their torso 360 degrees, increasing their width temporarily. Their only attack is to throw a saw blade at you. The blades have 4 HP and can be destroyed by any weapon. Mega Man X Enemy Flammingle saw.png
Turn Cannon
Mega Man X Enemy Turn Cannon.png
5 Spark Mandrill Cannon which rotates and shoots energy orbs in three different directions.
~ Storm Eagle's sky stage ~
Lift Cannon
Mega Man X Enemy Lift Cannon.png
? Storm Eagle Cannons that shoot plasma, you'll find them mainly on moving platforms.
Mega Man X Enemy Flamer.png
Mega Man X Enemy Flamer attacking.png
6 Storm Eagle A flame thrower which you'll usually find on moving platforms. The best thing to do is to take them out from a distance, as their flames do a fair amount of damage.
Sky Claw
Mega Man X Enemy Sky Claw.png Mega Man X Enemy Sky Claw attacking.png
1-2 Storm Eagle
Launch Octopus
Flame Mammoth
Flying robot with two arms, it will try to grab you in mid-air, move left or right while glowing, and self-destruct in an attempt to release you over a deadly pit. The action of self-destructing reduces Mega Man's health by 4 points. Sky Claw HP seems to be randomy selected between one or two HP.
~ Flame Mammoth's factory ~
Scrap Robo
Mega Man X Enemy Scrap Robo.png
4 Flame Mammoth A damaged robot that sometimes tries to crawl with one arm. These robots try to shoot a pink laser at X. Mega Man X Enemy Scrap Robo projectile.png
Dig Labour
Mega Man X Enemy Dig Labour.png

Flame Mammoth
Armored Armadillo

Mega Man X Enemy Dig Labour pickaxe.gif
Humanoid that resembles a miner. His only attack is to throw pick axes at you, so avoid them as best you can. If a Dig Labour hits you, it will laugh.
Mega Man X Enemy Hoganmer.png
Mega Man X Enemy Hoganmer attacking.png
8 Flame Mammoth
Storm Eagle
Humanoid with a mace and shield. It will try to hit X from short or long distances. To destroy a hoganmer, charge up a Buster shot fully, then trick it by jumping into the air just before it attacks, which will cause it to put down its shield and attack above X after X reaches the ground. While it is exposed, release the shot.
~ Armored Armadillo's gallery ~
Batton Bone
Mega Man X Enemy Batton Bone.png

Armored Armadillo
Chill Penguin

Robots that resemble small bats, these creatures like to hang out in tunnels. They start in a neutral state, and then try to attack X by crashing into him as he gets closer to them. They're one of the weakest enemies in the game and can be killed by just one shot.
Batton M-501
Mega Man X Enemy Batton M-501.png

Armored Armadillo

Same as Batton Bones, but they're fairly larger. Like Batton Bones, they start off in a neutral state and then try to crash into X. They're just as weak as their smaller brethren.
Mettooll C-15
Mega Man X Enemy Metall C-15.png
? Armored Armadillo
Storm Eagle
Small little robot hidden beneath a hardhat, it will peak out and try to shoot X: use this exposure to shoot back.
Metal Wing
Mega Man X Enemy Metal Wing.png
1 Armored Armadillo Robot birds that will only try to fly into X. They're very weak and can be destroyed in a couple of shots.
~ Boomer Kuwanger's tower ~
Dodge Blaster
Mega Man X Enemy Dodge Blaster.png
? Boomer Kuwanger These annoying cannons stay on walls and will immediately retreat if you get near or try to jump in front of one. The best thing to do is to charge up a full Buster shot, jump, and release, as you'll hit the Dodge Blaster's bottom part no matter what.
Sine Faller
Mega Man X Enemy Sine Faller.png
? Boomer Kuwanger A smaller version of the Jamminger which will try to crash into X.
Mega Man X Enemy Jamminger.png
2 Boomer Kuwanger
Chill Penguin
Highway stage
A fast-moving flying robot head with a spike on either side. This enemy will attempt to crash into you. One trick to avoid taking damage is to stop moving right when you see them. They are programmed to move just close enough to X that they won't hit him unless he walks forward. Don't wait to kill them, though, because after pausing they will begin to move towards him again. Charged shots and special abilities are the best way to destroy these.
Mega Tortois
Mega Man X Enemy Mega Tortoise.png
16 Boomer Kuwanger
Spark Mandrill
A very large robot resembling a tortoise that launches mortars out of the pipes sticking out of its shell. Mega Tortoises have a lot of health, so spam the X-Buster's basic shots to destroy them as quickly as you can.
Mega Man X Enemy Mega Tortoise mortar.png
It will launch mortars at the exact location that X is standing at, so strafe left or right to dodge them. If you time it right, both of them will land at the same spot; otherwise the second one will adjust slightly to X's repositioning.
Slide Cannon
Mega Man X Enemy Slide Cannon.png
? Boomer Kuwanger Cannon that emerges from the wall and shoots large energy orbs.
Ladder Yadder
Mega Man X Enemy Ladder Yadder.png
? Boomer Kuwanger Small robot resembling a spider or lizard, it only exists to climb ladders. You'll have to destroy them before climbing the ladder they're on, of course.
~ Sting Chameleon's forest ~
Mega Man X Enemy Planty.png
2 Sting Chameleon A Mettool with a bush on its head, it will try to throw Iworms at X before hiding again.
Mega Man X Enemy Iworm.png
1 Sting Chameleon A small robot that resembles a worm, it poses little threat since it moves so slow, will die from any attack, and deals only one damage if it touches X. They can overwhelm X briefly if he falls into a pit of them. They are created by Plantys.
Axe Max
Mega Man X Enemy Axe Max.png

Sting Chameleon
Chill Penguin

Mega Man X Enemy Axe Max disc.png
These humanoid, lumberjack-like robots carry small axes, which they use to propel large log-like discs that have spikes on them. They hurl the discs horizontally towards the left side of the screen when X is near. The discs have 3HP if stationary, or 4HP if the spikes are present.
You'll always find these guys to the right of disc machines. The machines produce an infinite number of log-like discs, and cannot be destroyed; they stick around after the Axe Max has been destroyed.
To reach the Axe Max you'll either have to shoot furiously to destroy the discs and hit the Axe Max, or take some damage while dashing over the top of the disc machine since the Axe Max cannot turn around.
Crag Man
Mega Man X Enemy Crag Man.png

Sting Chameleon

Robots that form from a large chunk of rock. You can notice them easily, and once you get close to them, they'll fall and form into a humanoid. Its only attack is to throw a rock which does a fair amount of damage, so take him out quickly. Mega Man X Enemy Crag Man projectile.png
Mad Pecker
Mega Man X Enemy Mad Pecker.png
? Sting Chameleon Wood pecker robot that tries to throw seeds at X. You'll find them at high distances.
Mega Man X Enemy Creeper.png

Sting Chameleon

A slow moving caterpillar-like robot that tries to crash into X. Very similar to the Iworm.


These enemies must be destroyed, because they are impossible to dodge.

Name HP Stage Information
Bee Blader
Mega Man X Enemy Bee Blader.png
32 Highway stage A large helicopter resembling a bee. There are two of them in the Highway stage. It has three attacks that it randomly uses. Think of each attack as a phase; after each phase it will randomly choose an attack:
  1. It fires machine gun-like projectiles out of its head at a 45 degree angle into the ground. Stay away from the bee blader's head, or jump away if it begins to fire.
  2. Missiles launch out of its shoulder towards X. If the missile is above or below X, it will curve to try and hit him. Wait for the missile to approach, then when it is near jump over it and to the right; it will curve towards you but your movement should allow you to dodge it. Mega Man X Enemy Bee Blader missile.png
  3. Drops two Ball De Vouxs that walk to the left. Some walk off the screen; some turn around and walk the other way. It is best to charge up the X-Buster fully and destroy both at the same time. If you destroy the B-Blader, any living Ball De Vouxs will die with it.
Mega Man X Enemy Anglerge.png
32 L. Octopus Large submarine which attempts to suck X into it with a vacuum. It can also fire four harpoon-like serpent robots that slither around at right angles and try to hit X. The best defense is to keep a held charge ready to fire at any harpoons that move vertically in front of X, then dash for a safe opening. as well as shoot missiles and harpoons. Mega Man X Anglerge harpoon.png
The lightbulb has 5 HP.
Mega Man X Enemy Cruiziler.png
64 L. Octopus A large ship found in Launch Octopus' stage (there are 2). The first one must be destroyed (by shooting at its blue light or the rear artillery tubes) in order to reach Launch Octopus' heart tank.
It will create two Sky Claws from its main tube, which will hover above and try to defend the Cruziler. If X destroys a Sky Claw, a new one will appear within a few seconds. If both are destroyed, the Sky Claws will appear with a short delay between their creation.
Mega Man X Cruziler bomb.png
The Cruziler can also launch bombs to the left or drop them straight underneath. The dropped ones will sink to the bottom of the map and hover for a few seconds before sinking to the floor and exploding.
The safest spot to destroy it is on the far right side of the missile pods. The Sky Claws will not hover over that far, and the missiles shoot to the left.
Mega Man X Enemy Utuboros.png
72 L. Octopus Large snake-like robot with its head and tail being its weak points. You must defeat one for Launch Octopus' heart tank and another to progress through the stage.
The name comes from the Japanese name for this enemy, utsuboros (??????), where utsubo is the Japanese word for the moray eel. It is also possible that the name was a portmanteau of utsubo and Ouroboros, the symbol of a snake eating its tail.
Thunder Slimer
Mega Man X Enemy Thunder Slimer.png
46 S. Mandrill Large robot encased in a bubble, this thing can shoot electricity and attempt to shoot bubbles on the ground, which can get X stuck. This is the sub-boss for Spark Mandrill's stage.
Mole Borer
Mega Man X Enemy Mole Borer.png
60 A. Armadillo Large dig machine which must be destroyed in order to reach Armored Armadillo's heart tank.
Mega Man X Enemy RT-55J.png
Mega Man X Enemy RT-55J attacking.png
76 S. Chameleon A big, heavy humanoid which uses its large claw to grab and squeeze X. It has an extremely large amount of health and is considered Sting Chameleon's sub-boss. It only has two modes of behavior: jump and attack. If X is out of reach, it will jump towards him. If X is within maximum range of its claw, it will attack. The best strategy is to keep your distance by standing in a corner, dashing to the other corner when it jumps, then attack and continue this dashing maneuver to keep it from attacking. If it touches X, it will deal 1 damage. If it grabs X, it will pull him in, then punch him into the wall, which also deals only 1 damage.
After receiving 32 damage its hull will start smoking. As it gets closer to dying, the rate of of smoke appearing will increase.


These enemies must be dodged, because they are impossible to destroy.

Name Stage Information
Rolling Gabyool
Mega Man X Enemy Rolling Gabyool.png
Flame Mammoth Rotating claw robot that hangs from the ground or ceiling, it will try to crash into X.
Death Rogumer
Mega Man X Enemy Death Rogumer.png
S. Eagle Death Rogumer is the airship where you fight Storm Eagle. It has two large cannons that fire missiles at X when you first arrive on it. The cannons and the Death Rogumer cannot be damaged or destroyed.