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There are four models of the Ride Armor type DRA-00 that X can find in the game, and these Ride Armors can be summoned from special platforms with an "X" on them. To use these Ride Armors, X needs to obtain one physically and discover the hidden modules for the remaining four so that he can interface with the platforms and transport the armors to himself.

Chimera Armor Module[edit]

  • Location: Blast Hornet stage.
  • Requirements: Tornado Fang.
  • Usage: get Heart Tank in B. Hornet stage, get Heart Tank in B. Buffalo stage, get Arm Chip in G. Beetle stage, get Sub Tank in V. Catfish stage, get Heart Tank in C. Crawfish stage, get Body Chip in C. Crawfish stage, get Head Chip in Blast Hornet stage (easier with Hawk Armor Module)

Note: This armor must be obtained in order to use any Ride Armor platforms.

When you reach a section of garage rooftops in the stage, you'll find a set of crates stacked on a cracked walkway bridging over the roofs. Shoot the crates until they explode, which will rattle the bridge and make it crumble away. This will open access to the lower section of the garages. Drop down to the ground, and to your immediate left will be a cracked wall in one garage. Pierce through it will a Tornado Fang Drill to blow it away and discover a hidden passageway that leads to the Chimera Armor, which is currently being kept in storage by a Hangerter. Shoot the Hangerter to release the armor and claim it as your own, which will automatically give you the Chimera Armor Module and let you use the special platforms that summon Ride Armor.

The Chimera Armor is the basic Ride Armor. You can punch enemies, dash at high speed, and jump a good distance when you pilot it.

Frog Armor Module[edit]

  • Location: Gravity Beetle stage.
  • Requirements: none (Leg Upgrade makes it easier).
  • Usage: get Leg Chip in T. Seahorse stage, get Kangaroo Armor module in T. Seahorse stage (Leg Upgrade required too) navigate part of Dr. Doppler 2nd stage

The Frog Armor is the sole ride armor designed for aquatic use, and therefore, the only one that won't short out in water. Conversely, it isn't so reliable on land. The armor also does not walk like the other ride armors. Instead, it hops like a frog, and performs long jumps if it is used to dash. It is equipped with homing torpedoes able to lock on to nearby enemies. Underwater, the Frog Armor's functionality is enhanced. It can jump further with its propeller fins and the torpedoes can move through the water instead of crashing to the ground shortly after being fired, extending their range.

How to get

You are capable of reaching the platform where the module is sitting without having the Leg Upgrade, but it's quite hard to take the module so that you need to be patient. Scale down when your head touches the platform, then estimate how far to perform a dash jump and reach to the edge of the platform. Once you do it successfully, the module is at your hand!

With the Leg Part Upgrade

You will need the ability to dash in mid-air to get this chip. After getting past the first indoor section of the stage, you will see a latticed tower outside. Scale it to discover the Frog Armor Module sitting on a platform. Leap off the side of the tower and use a mid-air vertical dash to reach the platform jutting out from the side.

Hawk Armor Module[edit]

  • Location: Crush Crawfish stage.
  • Requirements: Arm Upgrade, Triad Thunder.
  • Usage: get Head Chip in Blast Hornet stage

Beneath the second crane's extraction is a breakable block which is next to a brown-cored long block. Stand on the breakable one, switch to Triad Thunder weapon, then charge up. X will break the block leading to the module.

Kangaroo Armor Module[edit]

  • Location: Toxic Seahorse.
  • Requirements: Arm Upgrade, Frost Shield or Chimera and Frog Ride Armors and Leg Upgrade.
  • Usage: no specific use

Before going down the small path in the underwater section, stand on the high platform in front of the path, switch to Frost Shield weapon, charge it up and it'll create a big ice block. Quickly jump on the block, then jump fast to the left side, where the module is sitting, as soon as the ice block floats on the water surface.

Alternatively, use the Frog Ride Armor from the platform just beyond the Bit/Byte room. Break the fans on the far right, then jump out of Ride Armor and scale the wall. Then jump and air dash across the surface of the water. Try to avoid destroying the enemies leading up to the fans, as their bodies rise to the surface and become a huge nuisance trying to air dash across. Another way of reaching the module with the Frog Ride Armor without destroying the fans is to mash the dash button and get the Ride Armor to rise towards the surface. After the Armor has visibly jumped up six times, jump out of the Armor to the surface of the water, then proceed across the water to the Module.