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Energy and Missiles[edit]


Throughout the game, some enemies will leave items behind after you destroy them. Until Samus collects her first Missile Pack, the item will always be energy. Most energy orbs provide 5 units of energy. Occasionally, stronger enemies will leave orbs that provide 20 units of energy. After Samus has obtained missiles, enemies may drop missile ammunition as well. Each flashing missile that Samus picks up adds two missiles to her supply, up to her current maximum capacity. The current amount of energy and missiles in Samus' possession is always shown in the upper-left corner of the screen. Energy is shown by a number ranging from 0 to 99, with squares accumulated for every Energy Tank that Samus collects. A full blue square represents another 100 units of energy which will empty out if the current energy tank is depleted. Missiles are shown ranging from 0 to the maximum capacity of 255.



All items besides Missile Packs and Energy Tanks are closely guarded by Chozo statues. They are contained in energy orbs that only Samus' beam weapon can disrupt in order to claim their contents. These statues are typically hidden behind red doors that need to be opened with rockets, so make sure you have a good supply of them before you seek out power-ups.

Item Name Location Description
Missile Pack Missile Pack Brinstar
Missiles are Samus' secondary form of attack. She can switch between her regular beam weapon and missiles by pressing Select button. She must use five missiles to open locked red doors. Missiles also deal a great amount of damage to enemies. Every Missile Pack that Samus collects adds five to her maximum missile inventory. There are a total of 21 Missile Packs stashed throughout Zebes. Samus also gains the ability to carry 75 more missiles for each mini-boss, Kraid and Ridley, that she defeats, for a maximum total of 255 missiles.
Energy Tank Energy Tank Brinstar
Samus begins the game with the ability to store up to 99 units of energy in her suit. She can gain the ability to store even more energy with every Energy Tank that she collects. Each tank provides an additional 100 units of energy, and she can store a maximum of six tanks, for a total of 699 units of energy. There are in fact eight tanks in the game. Each tank that she collects beyond six simply refuels her energy supply and does not increase her energy total.
Maru Mari Maru Mari (Round Ball) Brinstar Samus' modular power suit contains a very special ability to adapt her armor into a near-perfect sphere without harming Samus inside. In this manner, Samus can roll along the ground and pass through small passages that she is too tall to run through. She does not begin the game with this ability and must first collect the Maru Mari (Round Ball). It happens to be located very close to Samus' starting point. Once she collects it, press Down dpad to switch to ball mode. Press Up dpad or A button to return to standing mode.
Bombs Bombs Brinstar Initially, Samus is defenseless in ball mode. However, once she collects the Bomb power-up, she will be able to deposit up to three time-detonated bombs on the screen at one time. The bombs can be used to damage enemies, or destroy weak floors or walls. The bombs do not harm Samus in any way. In fact, they may even be used to boost her off the floor in ball mode. Successful "bomb jumping" requires precise timing.
Varia Suit Varia Suit Brinstar Samus' power suit can be enhanced by one particular item, the Varia. When applied to her suit, the Varia reduces the amount of damage Samus receives from an enemies and lava by half. While it does nothing else to enhance Samus' power, it effectively doubles the amount of energy that Samus has to withstand enemy attacks. Samus' suit will change color slightly to indicate the Varia's enhancement. The Varia is one of the most well-hidden items in the game.
Long Beam Long Beam Brinstar At the start of the game, Samus' beam can only be fired a short distance before the effects of Zebes' atmosphere causes the energy to dissipate. By collecting the Long Beam power-up, Samus will be capable of firing an energy beam entirely across the screen, greatly extending her normal weapon range. This is useful for destroying far away enemies, as well as walls. Up to three beams can be fired on the screen at one time.
Ice Beam Ice Beam Brinstar
In addition to the Long Beam, Samus can further enhance her weapon by locating the Ice Beam power-up. When equipped with the Ice Beam, a single shot from Samus' beam will freeze most basic enemies. Another shot from the ice beam will unfreeze them. While frozen, Samus can stand on the enemies and use them as platforms. If left alone long enough, the enemies will unfreeze and continue moving. Up to three ice beams can be fired on the screen at one time. This is a vital weapon to Samus because Metroids are extremely susceptible to cold.
Wave Beam Wave Beam Norfair The Wave Beam is a powerful weapon that is hidden deep within Norfair. While it can be used in conjunction with the Long Beam, it does not mix with the Ice Beam, and will replace it if collected. The Wave Beam is more powerful than the standard beam, and it has the ability to pass right through solid material. Up to three wave beams can be fired on the screen at one time. However, the Wave Beam is ineffective against Metroids, as they simply absorb the energy. Note that when you collect the wave beam, the ice beam power-up will return to the Chozo statues that contain it, and vice versa.
High Jump High Jump Norfair The High Jump boots increase the height at which Samus can jump. By collecting the boots, Samus can jump one and a half times higher than usual. This can help her reach platforms and sections of Zebes that were previously out of her reach. This item will substantially help Samus travel around Zebes, and is helpful for her final assault on the Mother Brain.
Screw Attack Screw Attack Norfair Like the Wave Beam, the Screw Attack item is well hidden in Norfair. This item substantially increases Samus' offensive capabilities. It is an extraordinarily powerful item that turns Samus into a living weapon whenever she spins through the air as she jumps. Most enemies that come in contact with her while she is spinning will be obliterated.