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Dark Samus in her new and modified suit.

Welcome to Metroid Prime 3! The game that supposedly ends the feud between Samus and Dark Samus, who is revealed to be alive in the first cutscene in the game upon starting it. This game will test your thinking skills as well as your playing skills. New puzzles mixed with deadly terrain is the first of Samus' problems.

In your Ship[edit]

The inside of the ship.

You will find that you're controlling Samus after she puts on her Varia suit. There are three "Buttons" on the left side of your ship, as well as two more on the right. On the right, the first button activates a protective armor onto your ship. The second scans you for bio-hazards, which will be useful later in the game. As for the left side, the first button will activate a combat-targeting HUD, which is practically useless in the game. The second is just for statistics, showing things like how many enemies you've killed. The button under the two orange ones activates your thrusters.

Now that that's been explained, look at the middle of your ship to find a pad to put your hand on, this is called the helm. This is what you will use most in your ship. Use it and your ship will turn to face the planet Norion. You will get a message after a few seconds telling you that your ship is unidentified. Point up and you will find a button, this is used to transmit a radio frequency. Enter the same symbols as the ones displayed in green. After getting permission, you will land on the Galactic Federation Ship.

In the G.F.S. Olympus[edit]

Once you hear the all-famous fanfare, you will be asked to shoot four targets, do so, then talk to the Galactic Federation Marine. This is a great time to scan him, as this will go in your logbook as a creatures log.