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Life Drop is a collectable blue gem scattered all over Monster World. When the player collects 10 Life Drops, Asha's Blue Hearts increases by one. There are a total of 150 Life Drops. When collecting Life Drops, the player must be aware that there is no bactracking in Monster World IV, making this a challenging task.

Location Amount of Life Drops Total of Blue Hearts and Life Drops
Estahaan Point 11 1 Blue Heart and 1 Life Drop
Mute Tower 9 2 Blue Hearts
Rapadagna 1(Castle & City) 20 4 Blue Hearts
Terran Gate 4 4 Blue Hearts and 4 Life Drops
Handera Volcano 12 5 Blue Hearts and 6 Life Drops
Lunar Gate 7 6 Blue Hearts and 3 Life Drops
Stream Sanctuary 14 7 Blue Hearts and 7 Life Drops
Rapadagna 2 (City) 5 8 Blue Hearts and 2 Life Drops
Solar Gate 2 8 Blue Hearts and 4 Life Drops
Ice Pyramid I 11 9 Blue Hearts and 5 Life Drops
Ice Pyramid II 6 10 Blue Hearts and 1 Life Drop
Ice Pyramid III 6 10 Blue Hearts and 7 Life Drops
Rapadagna 3 (Castle) 9 11 Blue Hearts and 6 Life Drops
Blast Gate 3 11 Blue Hearts and 9 Life Drops
Aegis Island 20 13 Blue Hearts and 9 Life Drops
Subterrania 11 15 Blue Hearts


  • Some enemies drops Life Drops when killed, so quickly get the Life Drop before it disappears.
  • At Stream Sanctuary, in the room with many "Pipe streams", there are four streams that lead to a loop. The leftmost stream leads to a hole, however there is a Life Drop on top of the stream. Grab it before entering through the pipe.
  • After completing Stream Sanctuary, go to Rapadagna City, and into the last house before the screen with the Armor Salesman. Answering "NO" to the old woman, gives you a chest with money and five Life Drops.
  • There is very hard to find room in Ice Pyramid I, After inputing the Dark Code on the Dark Door, enter the door and jump at the wall on the right. You will reach a Secret Talking Chest that can award you with an Elixir, Life Drops or a Gold Bar. Choose Life Drops. You can do the same thing at the Light Door, jumping at the wall on the left after you enter the door. This room have some coins and a trap that respawn every time you exit the room.
  • After completing Ice Pyramid III, return to Rapadagna Castle, and into the room above the kitchen (where some soldiers were training). In this room, you'll find a chest with nine Life Drops!
  • After you beat the Red Jelly Boss in Aegis Island, go immediately right to find a chest. If you keep going right and through the wall, you'll find a secret room with a Golden Bar, a Herb, five Life Drops and an Elixir.