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When you reach the strange glowing door you may wish to warp back to the overworld and buy the Legendary Equipment (only the armor can be bought earlier than this part). Be sure to have an Elixir on you--you can buy or find these in Rapadagna City.

Boss: Fear Incarnate[edit]

First, a flock of four evil pets attack you. Bash them a few times to turn them back into happy, lovable Pepelogoos. Fear Incarnate then taunts you. You must hit the two floating eye stalks. Choose either corner and jump-attack that eye.

Fear Incarnate can use a petrifying attack, which lets him attack your helpless chilselled visage. You stay as stone until he hits you.

You Did It!
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
You Did It!
Finish the game.

When things look grim, Pepe flies in. He stands in front of the eye, so the petrifying attack is blocked. As his last use of the eye attack, the monster freezes poor Pepe! Continue attacking as before now his petrifying attack is disabled. Eventually you'll defeat him.

Congratulations, you've saved Monster World!