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Treasure Box Trees[edit]

There are several Treasure Boxes hidden in Rapadagna City. All are accessed by pushing Up dpad between pairs of trees.

Armor Salesman's area[edit]

Head to the very far right of Rapadagna. Push Up dpad between these trees to find a treasure chest containing an Elixir. At one point in the game the trader's camel hints at the secret being there, but the chest can actually be claimed at any time.

Rich Lady's roof[edit]

Head into the Rich Lady's house and up onto her roof. Push Up dpad between these trees to find a treasure chest. This chest contains lots of gold coins and a single bag of gold.

Weapons Shop roof[edit]

Climb up to the roof of the Weapons Shop. Push Up dpad between these trees to find a treasure chest containing some gold coins and a Life Drop.

Lucky 7's Bonus[edit]

Before reaching the top of Mute Tower, if the player receives gold from an enemy or a chest, and it raises their total gold to exactly 777, they will receive an extra 7000 gold bonus.

Gold Bar Exchange Rate[edit]

The "Rich Lady" will offer to buy gold bars for various amounts during the game.

  • Before the Terran Quest: 500g (800g if you decline the first offer)
  • Terran Quest: 1000g
  • Lunar Quest: 1500g
  • Solar Quest: 2000g
  • Blast Quest: 9999g
  • Much Later: 5000g

Emulator-only Cheats[edit]

Thanks to the work of the Gens Plus! team, there is a plethora of cheats for getting items and gold for free, including the Debug Armor which is inaccessible by any other method. This method only works in Gens Plus!, no other emulator or cheat device supports this patch format.

Download this cheat file and rename it to match the name of your patched ROM. It may or may not work with untranslated ROM dumps, but will work with both the partial and v1.2 translations.

Game Genie Codes[edit]

A22T-AA62 Regional lockout bypass code. Only needed when playing on a real Sega Genesis.
AJJT-CA8T Take no damage from most enemies.
96KA-CAAE flash twice as long after being hit (while flashing you are invincible)
AJKA-CA3R stay flashing forever (cleared by praying or changing between statues)
SCNT-FJTW Life Drops worth 2 (instead of 1)
SCNT-FTTW Life Drops worth 4 (instead of 1)
SCNT-FATW Life Drops worth 8 (instead of 1)
A0NT-EAA2 5 Life Drops form an extra heart (instead of 10)
ALNT-EAA2 2 Life Drops form an extra heart (instead of 10)

Pro Action Replay Code[edit]

You can also access the Debug Armor without having to use the cheat file mentioned above, but now using the cheat below instead.

FFDE26:15FF Enables the Debug Armor.