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Natsume Inc.
For the former parent company based in Japan, see Natsume, which was later renamed Natsume-Atari.

Games published[edit]

These are games published by Natsume Inc. after becoming independent from Natsume Co., Ltd.

Most of these games were only published by Natsume in North America, although some reached Europe under the Natsume name through distribution deals with European companies, and some digital releases were self-published by Natsume in Europe.

Super NES[edit]

Sega Saturn[edit]

Nintendo 64[edit]


NA Publisher

PlayStation 2[edit]

Game Boy[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]


Nintendo DS[edit]

iPhone and iPod Touch[edit]

PlayStation Portable[edit]


PlayStation 3[edit]

Nintendo 3DS[edit]

PlayStation 4[edit]

Nintendo Switch[edit]


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