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Box artwork for Nebulasray.
Japanese titleネビュラスレイ
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Vertical scrolling shooter
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
TwitchNebulasray Channel
YouTube GamingNebulasray Channel

Nebulasray is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game that was released by Namco, in 1994; it runs on the company's NB-1 hardware, and was the first game on this hardware to be released outside of Japan. The players must use two 8-way joysticks to take control of two ships, known as the "Fighting Rays" (red for 1P and blue for 2P), with two buttons to make them fire shots and launch bombs (they can possess a maximum of seven at any time) at the enemies - and the gameplay's similar to that of Dragon Spirit (1987), Dangerous Seed (1989) and F/A (1992), in which players can scroll the screen to the sides as the Fighting Rays constantly move forward. There is a total of six stages in the game, along with an extra seventh one, called the "Challenging Area"; if only one player is present, another one can not join in at that point, and if either player loses their last life upon it, they can not continue.

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