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A volcano erupts, shooting Bill and Jaguar high into the sky. Once they land, the swim to the shore, still steaming.

Path to the base[edit]

Directly up ahead are two flying bots with search lights - destroy them with lock on weapons (2%). Further up is another searchbot (3%) and a swarm of ninja-grunts. At the end of the river is a mortar soldier on a hover craft. Take it out with lock on weapons (5%), and then destroy the artillery unit (6%) and finally the satellite dish (7%) to open the base doors.

Back in the water, two more hovering mortar cannons await (11%), another artillery unit at the end (12%) and finally a second satellite dish (13%) locks the middle doors. Once through the doors take out the next hovering mortar cannon (15%) and then fight through the grunts to two more searchbots (17%). There isn't another artillery unit and satellite, but instead a Walking Labia blocks the door. Destroy it with heavy weapons (20%) to open the doors. Now you must go through a series of small rooms guarded by: 2 snipers (22%), 2 bazooka soldiers (24%), and finally fiver snipers and two armored soldiers (31%). This will clear the way to the first miniboss, the Sand Worm (42%).

Base exterior[edit]

Once the worm is reduced to crow food you are able to get through the last wall and onto the slope leading into the base. On the slope you will face a continuous stream of grunts and three sets of a searchbot and a tank (51%). Take a left and head up the next slope, killing grunts and avoiding rocks. Destroy the searchbot (52%) and head up the next slope. Kill the sniper (53%) and then the hovering mortar cannon (55%). Be sure to destroy the cylinders (57%) before moving on. There is another sniper, mortar cannon, and three cylinders up ahead, but if you take out a cylinder you can destroy all five at once (63%). Head up the next slope and take out the searchbot and two tanks (68%).

At the top of the next slope are two more searchbots (70%), and about halfway up the following slope are two more artillery units (72%). Be careful here because the two units can do a pretty good job of covering the entire slope in bullets. Behind them are two armored soldiers (74%) and a satellite unit (75%). Destroy the satellite to finally get into the base.

Base interior[edit]

The entire base consists of one room, but you will have to fight three bosses here. First attack the Armored Mech when it drops its shields (80%), and then destroy the Flying Mech's cannons (85%) and control unit (90%). After both are destroyed Pheromone Contra will show up.

Boss: Pheromone Contra[edit]

Pheromone Contra will slowly cross the bridge onto the plaform where Bill and Jaguar. The two are about to fight her when she takes off her mask to reveal that she is Lucia, Bill's partner from the last war he fought (Contra: Shattered Soldier). Bill asks why she is siding with the Neo Contra, but she won't say, instead telling Bill that he wouldn't be able to deal with the truth.

Ignore the large mech in the background and focus on killing Pheromone Contra with heavy weapons. Try and keep your distance and move to the edge of the platform when she starts to power up. It'll take quite a few hits with any weapon to kill her (100%).


Bill once again demands to know what's going on, but still doesn't get a clear answer. Lucia tells Bill that "it wasn't supposed to be like this" and that while he is strong he can't win against "him", no matter how much he resists.