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It is said that those who walk the frozen abyss of the Underworld are doomed, forbidden to ever again see the light of the living. In pursuit of the Archfiend, Ryu encounters a beautiful prisoner -- or is it merely a phantasm created by the Fiends? Evil claws reach for Sonia; she has followed Ryu here. To return to the world of the living, Ryu must break through the barrier between illusion and reality.

Part 1: Abyss[edit]

Examine Volf's corpse for a Heart of Bestial Storm and proceed to the stairway. Use the shop on the left if you need to and then head up the stairs to the door. After the cutscene, take out the Cyborg Fiends. Head to the door beyond and open it. Fight off another room of Cyborg Fiends and progress forward for a cutscene. After the scene, enter the door ahead.

In the next room, kill off the Chainsaw Fiends and progress through the door. The next room has Gold Bat Fiends, which are little more than tougher versions of their predecessors. Examine the corpse in this room for an Herb of Spiritual Life and progress ahead. Collect the Giant Crystal Skull in the room here and prepare to be attacked by several Centaur Fiends. When they are dispatched, head to the right and into the iris door here. Kill off the Skeletal Scorpions and open the chest immediately in front of the door for some Red Ki Essence. The chest to the right of the Dragon Statue has Ghost Fish and the one to the left has a Grains of Spiritual Life. Save/heal and head back to the previous room.

In this room, you will be attacked by upgraded versions of Claw Ninjas and Grey Ninjas, as well as Mage Ninjas. Kill them off and proceed to the opposite door. Gross. The fleshy pods in this area contain enemies and you will have to clear several in order to proceed. The pod immediately right contains a Spider Fiend. To the left, the first contains Super Grey Ninjas and the second contains Super Explosives Ninjas. To the left, there is a pod containing a Super Grey Ninja followed by one containing a Spider Ninja. The corpse here has a Devil Way Mushroom in it. The next pod contains three Super Grey Ninjas. Head right to collect an Herb of Spiritual Life from a corpse. Attack the next pod for two Super Claw Ninjas. The next three pods contain Super Claw Ninjas as well. Slide down the hill. The pods ahead contain several Super Claw Ninjas and Super Grey Ninjas as well as one Spider Fiend. Head backwards for another pod containing Super Grey Ninjas. Progress down the path. Slide down another hill. There are four more pods here that contain several varieties of Ninjas. Continue ahead to the next row of sacs. There are two Ninja pods and a Spider Fiend pod followed by a few more, terminating with another Spider Fiend Pod. Whew. Examine the room on the right for a Dragon Statue and a corpse with some arrows. Head down the other fork. Kill the Flying Fiends that attack you and drop into the room. The first chest on the left contains Red Ki Essences. The next chest contains an Herb of Spiritual Life and the corpse on the far left contains another Herb of Spiritual Life. You may have to kill off another wave of Flying Fiends here. Drop into the pit below for a cutscene.

Boss: Greater Fiend Alexei Redux[edit]

Alexei, just as easy as last time. Drill him with Flying Swallows and Y attacks with your True Dragon Sword and he will fall in a few seconds. Literally. Watch the cutscene to end the chapter.