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Basic Controls[edit]

Button Action
Neutral lstick Move
Neutral dpad Quick Menu
Neutral rstick Camera Control
A button Jump
B button Projectile Attack
X button Quick Attack
Y button Strong Attack
Y button+B button Ninpo
LB button Hold: First-Person View
LT button Block
RB button Interact
RT button Camera Reset/Camera Zoom (while in First-Person)
Back button Options Menu
Start button Pause Menu

Basic Techniques[edit]

  • Escape: When an enemy grabs you, quickly press buttons (A buttonB buttonX buttonY button) and move Left lstickRight lstick to escape. Some enemy grabs are not escapable.
  • Dash: While blocking (LT button), move (Neutral lstick) to dash.
  • Using a Bow: Tap B button to fire an arrow quickly at the nearest enemy. Hold B button and move Neutral lstick to aim a shot (release B button to fire).
  • Hanging from a pole or ledge: Jump A button towards a pole or ledge to grab on and hang, or when standing on a ledge move Neutral lstick towards the edge to climb down and hang. Once hanging, use Neutral lstick to move left or right, press A button to climb up a ledge, or B button to drop down. You can also swing while hanging on a pole by pushing forward Right lstick. If you time your release (press A button to release), you can swing forward.
  • Wall Run: Jump A button toward a wall, then use Neutral lstick to run along it. While this is primarily used for navigating to certain areas, you can also use it in combat, pressing X button or Y button to dive off of the wall at an enemy while attacking.
  • Flying Bird Flip: Run straight up a wall, then press A button to jump off the wall (executing the flying bird flip). You can string these together between close walls to climb upwards.
  • Swim: While floating in water, simply use Neutral lstick to swim along the top of the water. To dive, press and hold A button, and to swim underwater hold A button to move forward and use Neutral lstick to change direction.
  • Run on water: While floating on water, press A button repeatedly to run on the surface of the water. With some practice, you should be able to make the transition from running on land to running on water.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

  • Obliteration Technique: Press Y button while standing near an enemy that has lost a limb to finish them off.
  • Counter Attack: Hold LT button to block an enemy's attack. At the moment their attack bounces off your weapon, press X button or Y button to execute a counter attack. This requires proper timing, but gives excellent results.
  • Ultimate Technique: Press and hold Y button to charge your melee attack (or B button to charge your projectile attack). When the glowing light surrounding Ryu turns red, release the button to execute your attack. You can release earlier and still release a powerful attack. While charging, you are vulnerable to attack, and you absorb nearby essence (at a lesser level than you would from normally gathering that essence) to speed the charging.