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Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan includes 15 full-length songs to which all this tapping chaos is synchronized to. There are many great songs, including the very popular 'READY STEADY GO' from the Fullmetal Alchemist television animation. In addition to these songs, you can also play through the Ouendan theme song that appears during the tutorial.

  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Loop & Loop"
  • Morning Musume - "Koi no Dance Site"
  • 175R - "Melody"
  • Ulfuls - "Guts Da Ze!!"
  • The Blue Hearts - "Linda Linda"
  • Tomoyasu Hotei - "Thrill"
  • nobodyknows+ - "Kokoro Odoru"
  • B'z - "Atsuki kodo no hate"
  • Linda Yamamoto - "Horiuchi"
  • Kishidan - "One Night Carnival"
  • Road of Major - "Taisetsuna mono"
  • Yaida Hitomi - "Over The Distance"
  • Orange Range - "Shanghai Honey"
  • The Yellow Monkey - "Taiyou ga Moeteiru"
  • L'Arc~En~Ciel - "READY STEADY GO"