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Watch the scene and you’ll find yourself in Keelhaul Key.

Keelhaul Key:

Arrgh, matey! Thar be ghosts on Keelhaul Key that don’t look too kindly on some pudgy landlubber tryin’ to get his hands on their precious Booty.

In other words, Keelhaul Key, is a deserted Island cursed by the spirit of Cortez.


  • Flower Fuzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Green Fuzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Putrid Piranha - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF

There’s an underground star piece in the northeastern part of the screen. Go right to the next screen and watch the scene.


(3 Embers)


Goombella’s Tattle: That’s an Ember. Sort of a pale-blue flame spirit. Kind of spooky. Of course, since this thing is a flame, touching it will hurt. Didn’t Mama teach you that? Looks like it’s susceptible to ice or explosive attacks, so that’s something. If you get hit by a flame attack, you’ll catch fire, so try to guard well.

  • HP: 8
  • ATK: 3
  • DEF: 0
  • Attacks:
    • Burn
    • Fireball
    • Super Flame (attacks you and partner)

Don’t use any jump attacks on it or you’ll get burned. Ice smash can help, but any hammer or projectile attack (except fire) will hurt it.

Watch the scene and get the star piece in the shallow water. There’s another one behind the rock in the far-right part of the screen. When you’re ready, go to the next screen and kill the fuzzies (there’s another star piece in the first bush you see). On the next screen, kill the enemies and hit the item block and jump on top of it. Jump again and you’ll reveal a con block. Keep jumping until no more coins come out of it. Get the star piece behind the root near the end of the screen. Jump up the stairs and jump across the gaps. Use Yoshi to float to the empty coin block and then float to the ledge. Continue up until you see another shine sprite. Have Yoshi float to the block under it and grab the shine sprite. Continue on to the next screen. During the scene, the suspicious-pirate will talk to you (the person in front of the TV) and say not to tell Mario who he is. Instead of following him, go back to the bridge and cross it - to grab the badge underneath, use paper mode to fall in between the gap of the bridge furthest to the right. Grab the shine sprite before moving on to the next screen, and fight the two embers.


(3 Embers)


  • HP: 8
  • ATK: 3
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:**
  • Attacks:
    • Burn
    • Fireball
    • Super Flame (attacks both you and partner)

The same strategy applies here.

After the fight, hit the tree and watch the scene. Get the star piece hidden behind a rock in the shallow water. You can get the Spite pouch from the nearby bush. Afterwards, go to the previous screen and go on the bridge. Turn sideways while on the East End of it and you’ll fall through one of the slats. Get the Ice Power badge and go back up. At the Left side, go down the stairs and use Yoshi to cross the gaps to the pipe. Go in and hit the nearby tree. Get the coconut and take it back to camp. Give the coconut to Flavio and he’ll give you the Chuckola Cola. Go back to Bobbery and give him it. He’s not really dead, so whack him with your hammer. He’ll join your party. Go back to the campsite and talk to Flavio. He’ll temporarily join you. Go back to where you have Bobbery the Chuckola Cola and go to the dead end. After the scene, examine the skull rock. Now, talk to Flavio and ask him to give you the red skull gem. Put it in the skull rock and then, spin jump on the red stone 3 times. Next, bonk the blue stone with your hammer 4 times. Toss Bobbery into the hole that appeared, and you’ll be able to enter.

Try not to get skewered, OK?[edit]

Pirate’s Grotto:

As you delve deeper into pirate’s grotto, you’ll hear ghostly voices telling you to turn back. Where’s Luigi with his Poltergeist 3000 when you need him?

This is a pretty big dungeon (but not as big as some of the later ones). But, it’s not easy to get lost here.


  • Bill Blaster - 5 HP, 0 ATK (doesn’t directly attack), 2 DEF
  • Bulky Bob-omb - 6 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
  • Bullet Bill - 2 HP, 4 ATK, 1 DEF
  • Ember - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Lava Bubble - 6 HP, 4 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Parabuzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 4 DEF

Start off by saving your game and going through the tunnel. Jump down the ledge until you see an exit. Defeat the lava bubble and going on top of the wrecked ship. While standing on the northern edge of the ship, jump up to receive a shine sprite. There’s also a star piece on a platfrom to the south of the path with spears. To get past the spike trap, you can either use Vivian to hide from them, or use your paper mode in between the spears (somewhat harder). If you time it right, you can also use Yoshi to run across the spikes (run as soon as the spikes lower).

On the next screen, you can fight the bullet bills (although they don’t give you any star points, you just get 1 for winning the battle) or use Vivian again to hide from them. Keep dodging or fighting the bullets until you reach the blasters. Defeat them and continue. Use Yoshi to cross the gaps and beat the bulky bob-omb. At the next screen, beat the ember and go up the stairs. Fire Koops’ shell when across from the shine sprite and a coin block will appear near it. Go up, defeat the parabuzzy, and go on the block and hit the shine sprite box with your hammer. Go down a little and save. Jump across the river and toss Bobbery when right next to the ledge. He’ll walk to the switch and explode, activating it. The door will open. Go through and defeat the bulk bob- omb waiting for you. Uncover the underground star piece near the entrance and go to the other side. Once inside, hop on the crate floating in water and hold Koops’ shell to the left. Hop on the platform being supported by chains and let go. Hop to the right when you’re high enough and get the key. Do the same again, but hop on the crate that lowers and wait for it to rise. Hop to the left to get a shine sprite. Go down into the open barrel to get a star piece. Jump down and return to the save point and unlock the door on the lower level. Defeat the enemies behind the door. Get the underground star piece in the center before proceeding. On the next screen, use Koops to get the Shine sprite to your right. Use your tube mode to roll under the spears (you’ll have to wait for the lowest ones to recede into the wall). On the next screen, Hammer the shadow under the shine sprite and a hidden block will appear. Use it to grab the shine sprite. Go to the end and have Bobbery blow up the wooden barricade. Defeat the two bullet blasters inside and continue.

The Fourth Time[edit]

Jump across the gap and go inside he shipwreck. Search behind the wreckage for a P-Down, D-Up badge. Talk to the black chest and defeat the ember that appears. Get the key and bring it to the chest to be cursed for the last time. Now, leave and use the boat panel to sail across to the panel to the right. Return to the Save point on the cliff (not the one at the entrance) and go to the top. Go out the door to the right and use the boat panel. Sail down the waterfall and go left to the next screen. Keep going until you see another boat panel. Dock and jump cross for the gate handle. Jump left and take the long way back to the locked gate. Put the handle on the chain spool and the gate will open. Go back to the top of the waterfall and use the boat panel to sail past the gate. Sail east into the next screen. Dodge the waves and make your way to the next screen.

Save the toads![edit]

Keep going to the next panel and dock. Go into the pipe and make your way to the other side. Jump up the ledges and go into the next pipe. Use the airplane panel to travel to the next two pipes. Hit the switch at the end of the ledge each pipe takes you to save them. Go back to the far-right pipe and go to them. Go into the next screen and go inside the ship (after saving and healing of course).

Meet Cortez[edit]

Go into the next door and watch the scene.

Boss Fight:[edit]


Goombella’s Tattle: That’s Cortez! He’s the dreaded pirate spirit who haunts the island! His HP may seem low, by he’s a spirit so even when his HP hits 0, he’ll come back. Plus, he has tons of different attacks. He’s as tough and scary as he looks. I’d say just keep damaging him, and sooner or later he’ll go down for good! Let’s give this tormented spirit some eternal rest!

(stats are for each form)

  • HP: 20 (x3)(Weapons in the third form have 4 HP)
  • ATK: 4
  • DEF: 1 (Green gem/heart in second form has 0 DEF)
  • Difficulty:***
  • Attacks:
    • (First form)
      • Double-Skew
      • Sword-Slash
      • Stab
      • Dagger-Slash
      • Hook
      • Multi-Hit
    • (Second Form)
      • Attack Boost
      • Bone Throw
    • (Third Form)
      • Dagger-slash
      • Slash
      • Stab
      • Hook
      • Chomp
      • Soul Absorb (only uses it once on audience)

First Form:

Try not to use your strongest attacks right now. He’ll be more dangerous later in the fight. Heal your HP if necessary, but don’t use all of your mushrooms.

Second Form:

Use your strongest attacks when his rib cage opens (after your third attack). Otherwise, attack normally (now would be a good time to use some Flower points). Watch out, though, when he raises his attack.

Third Form:

Now, start it off with Art Attack or Earth Tremor (whatever’s easier for you and switch to Vivian. She should be upgraded, so use Fiery Jinx when any of the weapons are present. When his HP is low he’ll absorb the souls of half the crowd to replenish all of his HP. Beat him down again to finish him off.

Watch the scene and the chapter will end (sort of).

Intermission I[edit]

After getting thrown out of the ship, go back to the save point (use Yoshi to cross the last gap). Save, heal (if necessary) and go back to the previous screen. Watch the scene and have Bobbery blow up the cracked wall. After they all leave, follow them.

Keelhaul Key:

Go down until another scene occurs. Go back to Cortez (you can use the hole up north) and watch yet another scene. Return to the front of the ship for yet ANOTHER scene. Finally...

Boss Fight:[edit]

(Lord Crump and X-Nauts)

Lord Crump:

Goombella’s Tattle: That’s Lord Cump. Not this guy again... Ugh. He just attacks normally, so don’t worry much about him... But... those X-Nauts around him are a force to be reckoned with. They’re going to attack us with all kinds of weird moves, I can just FEEL it! If we take out their leader, though, they won’t have the focus to attack. Get Crump!

  • HP: 30
  • ATK: 3
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:***
  • Attacks:
    • Crump-a-bomb
    • Bathroom Break (uses it once)


Goombella’s Tattle: That’s an X-Naut platoon. Crump commands them all. Where’d they come from? They’re gonna come at us with coordinated group maneuvers, I’m sure. ...But they’re pretty wimpy, so we should be able to handle it, don’tcha think?

  • HP: 6 (10 HP for second set)
  • Attack: 5
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:**
  • Attacks:
    • Multi-Bomb
    • Dog Pile
    • X-Boulder (second set only)

Beat down Crump until his HP is gone. He’ll take a bathroom break and heal his entire HP. A second set of X-Nauts will join him. These guys attack both members of your party, so finish off Crump as fast as you can.


Watch the scenes and go out of TEC’s room into the elevator. Go left until you see a door with a green light above it. Go inside and grab all the potions. From left to right, put the potions in the machine in this order: red, blue, orange, and green. Next, press the button on the far-left to turn the machine on. Whenever the beaker stops at a potion (whichever one it is, cause it will go back and forth), press the corresponding button. Finally, wait for exactly 30 seconds (it helps to have a stopwatch) and press the red button below the beaker. If you do this correctly, it will make Peach invisible (except for her dress). Leave the room and go into the door at the right end of the hallway. Search the bookshelf in the upper right corner of the room. Put the disk into the nearby computer and put the disk back where you found it. Leave and return to the room where you made yourself invisible (the one with the green light). Drink the green potion and leave the room. Watch the scene and this part’s over.

The only thing you have to do here is talk to Crump, but you can talk to everyone else in here if you want.

Intermission II[edit]


Return to Rogueport Sewers.

Rogueport Sewers:

New Enemies:

  • Hammer Bro - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 1 DEF
  • Koopatrol - 6 HP, 4 ATK, 2 DEF
  • Magikoopa - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Spunia - 12 HP, 7 ATK, 2 DEF

Bowser’s henchmen have invaded the sewers! You’ll find these enemies, along with some of the old ones whenever you enter from now on. Make your way back to the thousand-year door, beating the new enemies and step on the pedestal. Watch the scene and you’ll be able to do some more sidequests.


Talk to Merlon outside and he’ll tell you about finding something back at Hooktail Castle. Go inside, and upgrade any partner that hasn’t been yet. There’s also some more news...

Castaways return from the cursed island of Keelhaul Key! With treasure, maybe?

Before, we get the treasure from Hooktail’s place, let’s solve the first trouble.

  • Client: Eve (Twilight Town)
  • Title: Tell that person...
  • Reward: Meteor Meal

Make your way to Twilight Town and go into the far-left house on the Eastern Side. Talk to the mother and go back to Rogueport. Talk to Podley (The guy behind the counter in the inn) and go back to Eve in Twilight Town. Tell her the truth and she’ll cook you some dinner and you’ll get the Meteor Meal as a reward.

Before going any farther, go back into Eastern Rogueport Sewers.

Rogueport Sewers:

Go back to Petal Meadows.

Petal Meadows:

Now, go to Hooktail Castle.

Hooktail Castle:

Go to the room to the right of the save point and giant green block. Keep going through the room where you got the black key and have Bobbery blow up the cracked wall. Hit the blue switch and open the chest for an Up Arrow. Leave the castle.

Petal Meadows:

Go back to the sewers.

Rogueport Sewers:

Go back to the door, but first, use the boat panel to get to a shine sprite on the other side of the room. Go back to Rogueport.


Go into Merlons house and talk to him when you’re right next to him. Give him the arrow and he’ll be able to upgrade your characters one more time. Upgrade Flurrie and any other partner you want to upgrade. Go to West Rogueport and have Bobbery blow up the cracked wall on the other side. Get the shine sprite from behind and go to the house near the exit to the Plaza. Go upstairs and roll through the small hole (its on the upper right corner) and get the shine sprite. Go through the hole behind the flowers and leave the house. You should have another 3 Shine sprites, so upgrade another partner. Go back to the docks and use the boat panel to the right of where Luigi is standing. Sail over to the south of the pier and go right. Dock at the other boat panel and get the star piece behind the barrels to the right. There’s also a HP Drain badge in a treasure chest behind the furniture. Now, go to the trouble center.

  • Client: Goom Goom (Pirate’s Grotto)
  • Title: Looking for a gal!
  • Reward: Couple’s Cake

If you are taking this trouble on before Chapter 6, then go to Don Pianta’s office and talk to him before heading to Keelhaul Key. Now, go to Keelhaul Key (use Cortez’s ship or the shortcut if you’ve gotten the super hammer). Talk to Francesca and go to the screen with the skull rock. Get the Wedding ring near the tree and go inside to Pirate’s Grotto. Go to the storage room (the room to the left on top of the waterfall. Talk to the goomba and switch to Goombella. Talk to him again and you’ll get your reward. Leave and give Francesca the Wedding ring before leaving. Go back to Rogueport. Go back to Don Pianta’s office and talk to him. You’ll get the Train Ticket.

See Trouble #20 on how to get the train ticket. Save, stock up, and go to the train station and present your ticket to the toad in front of the train. You’ll be able to enter and the race for the crystal star is on!