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Pokémon on this Course
With Camera
Pokemon 012Butterfree.pngButterfree Pokemon 133Eevee.pngEevee Pokemon 084Doduo.pngDoduo
Pokemon 016Pidgey.pngPidgey Pokemon 052Meowth.pngMeowth Pokemon 131Lapras.pngLapras
Pokemon 025Pikachu.pngPikachu Special Picture: "Gust Using Pidgey"
With Pokemon Food
Pokemon 113Chansey.pngChansey Pokemon 115Kangaskhan.pngKangaskhan Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp
Special Picture: "Surfing Pikachu"
With Pester Ball
Pokemon 123Scyther.pngScyther Special Picture: "Pikachu on a Stump"
With PokeFlute
Pokemon 143Snorlax.pngSnorlax
Pokemon Sign
Pokemon Snap Sign1.jpg Kingler Rock

Challenge Score: 1,510,000

The beach is the only course available when you start a new game. The Pokémon on this course are generally easy to spot and hang out right next to the track. There are, however, several Pokémon, like Scyther or Kangaskhan, that will require tools to see or get a decent picture.


Pidgey: At the beginning of this course, a flock of Pidgey will zoom in front of the camera, allowing the game to give you a short tutorial on handling the camera. Turn around after you've passed them to get a good shot of them chasing the Zero-One. See also: Gust-Using Pidgey

Doduo: A doduo pops out of the bushes. Get a close-up picture as he crosses in front of you or knock him out with a pester ball (if you have them) for a picture that earns extra points. This happens twice in the course, so if you missed it or messed up the first time, you'll have a second chance later.

Pikachu: To the right after the doduo, a pikachu sits in the sand. If you play the Pokeflute, it will make an electrical display for extra pose points. See also: Special Shots

Butterfree: Butterfree make several appearances on this track, most notably near the flowers at the beginning, near the Snorlax halfway through the course, and while crossing the bridge. Though it is difficult to get, the best shot of Butterfree are ones where they face you with other butterfree in the background. The best time to get this one is when you cross the bridge and several butterfree fly right at you.

Lapras: If you look out to sea, you might catch a Lapras in the distance. If you get a photo of it here, it will reappear closer later with friends. Just past the Snorlax, look to the right to see two Lapras- one from before and one more. Take a picture of them here to make them show up later in the course even closer. As you pass Eevee, look to the right to see the lapras just off shore with two of its friends farther out. This is the best picture you will get of Lapras.

Scyther: There are two large patches of grass that you pass on this course that look like someone is thrashing around inside. Toss pester balls into these patches and if you're lucky, you will hit a Scyther hiding in these bushes. If you constantly hit the Meowth that crosses your path chasing a Pidgey with a pester ball, he will stay dazed in front of the Zero-One, and give you longer to flush out the Scyther.

Snorlax: Snorlax may be hard to recognize at first, as all you can see are its feet. Until you get the PokeFlute, any pictures you take of it will not register as a picture of a Pokémon. Play the flute as you pass, however, to make it jump up and dance.

Meowth: There are three different Meowth on this course. One chases a Pidgey across the path, one tries to attack a Pidgey's nest, and one can be found at the top of a cliff. For the best shot, knock the one at the top of the cliff off with a pester ball, then play the PokeFlute and get a shot of it dancing.

Eevee: After the bridge, you will see an Eevee chasing a rolling pink ball to the left. It's hard to get a good picture of it when it's constantly moving, but throw a pester ball or apple to it to make it stop and get more pose points.

Chansey: Although it may not look like it at first, the pink ball the eevee is chasing around is actually a Chansey. Toss an apple or pester ball at it to make it unroll. The best shot of Chansey is close up, dancing to the tune of the pokeflute.

Magikarp: Throughout the level, you pass bodies of water. If you toss an apple into the water, there's a good chance a Magikarp will jump out. It doesn't stay out long, though, so you'll have to be fast to get a good shot of it.

Kangaskhan: During your first run through, all you will be able to get a picture of is Kangaskhan's backside. When you get the apple or pester ball, though, toss one at it to make it turn around. Lure it closer with apples to get a better shot. The poses that earn the most points are when it lunges at you or (no surprise here) when it dances to the PokeFlute.

Special Shots[edit]

Surfing Pikachu[edit]

Once you have earned the Pokémon Food, you can throw them to make Pokémon move where you want them. When you see the first pikachu on the right at the beginning of the course, throw an apple to the left of it. Continue luring the pikachu the direction your Zero-One is moving until it reaches the surfboard. As it gets there, it will hop on and make a surfing pose. A shot of pikachu surfing earns an automatic 1,000 points.

Pikachu on a Stump[edit]

If you manage to flush out the Scyther from the first patch of tall grass, several pikachu will run out as well and stand amidst some fallen trees. This shot is automatically worth 1,300 points. If you play the PokeFlute and get the electricity flowing, you can earn even more points.

Gust-Using Pidgey[edit]

Just after the Kangaskhan, you will see two Pidgey fly across the screen toward something. Turn to see a them attack a Meowth in their nest with a gust attack. Snap a picture of these Pidgey performing their attack to get 500 bonus points.