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Pokémon on this Course
With Pokemon Food and Pester Balls
Pokemon 147Dratini.pngDratini Pokemon 149Dragonite.pngDragonite Pokemon 074Geodude.pngGeodude
Pokemon 118Goldeen.pngGoldeen Pokemon 075Graveler.pngGraveler Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp Pokemon 056Mankey.pngMankey Pokemon 027Sandshrew.pngSandshrew
Pokemon 028Sandslash.pngSandslash Pokemon 007Squirtle.pngSquirtle Pokemon 121Starmie.pngStarmie
Pokemon 120Staryu.pngStaryu
With PokeFlute
Special Picture: "Graveler's Group Dance"
Pokemon Sign
Pokemon Snap Sign6.jpg Mount Dugtrio

In this course, the Zero-One moves down a rapid river that goes through a valley. There are several types of Pokémon to be found here.


Squirtle: at the beginning of the course, you will see shells pop up. Use pester balls to knock one onto the short, and take a photograph of it.

Mankey: this pokémon will appear off to the side from time to time.

Geodude: you will see a geodude grappling on the side of a cliff. You can knock it down using a pester ball.

Goldeen: Goldeen can be found from time to time by throwing pester balls or apples into the river. You have to be quick to take a picture of it.

Graveler: these are found in the first half of the map, but face away. Use the Pokéflute to attract them.

Gyrados: you'll see a Magikarp splashing around at the start of the track; use a pester ball to launch it towards the Mankey nearby. You encounter it later where you see three Gravelers, flopping on dry ground. Throw a pester ball to launch it into the waterfall, where it will evolve into Gyrados.

Sandshrew: found near the first set of Geodudes, but hidden underground. They are forced out if a nearby Geodude is knocked down by a pester ball. Try grouping them with food for extra points.

Sandslash: found after the first turn. It will dive as you approach, but you can call it out by knocking down the Graveler.

Staryu: after a fast portion of the river, you may see it float in the air, leading your vessel.

Starmie: if you take a picture of Staryu, it will begin to circle the ZERO-ONE. When you get to the whirlpool near the end, it will fly into it, evolving into Starmie. You can evolve more than one for extra points, but be quick since they fly away fairly fast.

Dratini: it is first visible at the start, but you get a second chance to see it to the left of the whirlpool. If you throw items at the water, there's a chance of Dratini coming out.

Dragonite: throw four pesterballs into the whirlpool to get dragonite out of its hiding place. It will fly above.

Special shots[edit]

Graveler's Group Dance[edit]

Use the pokéflute when you see the three gravelers on the cliff.

Mankey in the sky[edit]

Near the end of the track, you may see three squirtles beneath a mankey on the top of a cliff. Two will slide away, but the third will wait for you to throw a pester ball. If you time the ball correctly, you will knock the mankey down next to a switch near the end of the track.

Hit the mankey with a pester ball, and quickly take a picture of it before it hits the switch.

This will also allow you to take photographs of Pokémon signs.