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Pokémon on this Course
With Pokemon Food
Pokemon 001Bulbasaur.pngBulbasaur Pokemon 091Cloyster.pngCloyster Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp
Pokemon 011Metapod.pngMetapod Pokemon 090Shellder.pngShellder Pokemon 080Slowbro.pngSlowbro
Pokemon 079Slowpoke.pngSlowpoke Pokemon 054Psyduck.pngPsyduck
Special Picture: "Speed Pikachu"
With Pester Balls
Pokemon 060Poliwag.pngPoliwag Pokemon 137Porygon.pngPorygon
With PokeFlute
Pokemon 045Vileplume.pngVileplume
Pokemon Sign
Pokemon Snap Sign4.jpgCubone Tree

Challenge Score: 1,510,000

When you have taken pictures of 22 different kinds of Pokémon over all of the courses, the River Course becomes available to you. In this course, the Zero-One inflates pontoons and floats down the river. Most of the Pokémon here are water type. You can move back and forth across the river by looking at one shore or the other.


Poliwag: Check the bank to the top right near the beginning of the level to spot several Poliwag hiding in the brush. Though you may be able to get a shot or two of them on the first run, you'll need to flush them out with a pester ball to get the best shot. Start throwing pester balls as you enter the course to get them out, then lure them together with some apples. The best picture will be of a group of Poliwag jumping into the water.

Bulbasaur: Around the bend, three Bulbasaur are hiding out in the hollow logs. Food will bring one out, but you will need pester balls to get the other two out. The best picture will be of Bulbasaur reacting to food or a pester ball.

Magikarp: Just like every other level in the game, throw some food into the water for a chance for a Magikarp to jump out.

Slowpoke: Slowpoke can be found along the banks of the river. Toss an apple close to the shore to lure them to the side. If you get a Slowpoke to stand on one of the dirt patches, it will begin to fish. The best picture of a Slowpoke will be of it fishing or about to fish.

Slowbro: Lure a Slowpoke to one of the circular dirt patches to make it go fishing. If it catches a Shellder, it will evolve into a Slowbro. The best picture will be of it eating an apple or dancing to the flute's music.

Vileplume: Across from the Slowpoke is a red flowery lump in the ground emitting toxic fumes. Play the flute to get it to jump up and dance around. Unless you have the pokeflute, you can't get an identifiable picture of it.

Shellder: As you pass the Shellder signs on the shore, Shellder will begin to float up out of the water. I suppose they're supposed to be "jumping", but it looks strange nonetheless. Use the dash engine to get a close up shot and get several in the frame for the best picture.

Metapod: The Zero-One will briefly pass under an overhang where several Metapod are dangling from the ceiling. If you can hit one with a pester ball, it will drop down for a close-up.

Psyduck: Past the Metapod, a Psyduck is swimming around a couple of logs. If you hit it with a pester ball or food, you can get it to jump up in the air. A shot of it completely out of the water will give you the most points.

Cloyster: Near the end of the course, a Cloyster or two will float up out of the water. Use the dash engine to get a close-up shot of it.

Porygon: Across from the Psyducks, you can spot several protrusions on the otherwise flat wall. Hit these with a pester ball to cause a Porygon to jump out. Hitting them a second time with a pester ball will cause their camouflage to disappear. Get two of them together jumping about an apple for the best shot.

Special Pictures[edit]

Speed Pikachu[edit]

At the very end of the course, a Pikachu is watching you from a tree trunk on the left shore. If you take a picture of it or hit it with something, it will take off, leaving a trail of stars behind it. A good shot of this pokemon running will get you 800 special points.