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Prince of Persia's controls are broadly separated into two types: free-running, which makes up the majority of the gameplay, and combat, when you are close to an enemy.

PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Free-running Combat
W A S D Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Movement
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Camera
Space Cross button A button Jump, Wallrun, Roofrun Acrobatic attack
R Circle button B button Extend wallrun/roofrun Grab, Throw
PC Mouse Left Click.png Square button X button N/A Sword attack
E Triangle button Y button Compass, Co-op jump, Activate Power Plate Elika attack
T L1 button / L2 button LB button / LT button Talk to Elika N/A
PC Mouse Right Click.png R1 button / R2 button RB button / RT button Drop, Grip-fall Block, Deflect
Esc Start button Start button Pause menu
Tab Select button Back button Map screen N/A
For more details on combat controls, see the Combos page.