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PC PC Gamepad (360) DS Xbox PS2 PSP Wii Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Neutral dpad Stylus button or Neutral dpad
  • Make selections
PC Mouse Left Click.png A button A button
  • Confirm Selection
B button
  • Cancel
  • Return to previous menu
PC Mouse Left Click.png on PQ center icon.png X button X button
  • Center the camera on the character
PC Mouse Left Click.png on PQ level up icon.png Y button
  • Access the Level Up Menu
L button
  • Access Inventory
R button
  • Switch Focus to/from quest log
Escape Start button Start button
  • Quit menu

On the Nintendo DS, L button or R button will swap the upper and lower screens. The Stylus button is used to make and confirm selections, open menus, and move the camera.

In Windows, the Xbox 360 gamepad is supported. To access the inventory with the mouse, PC Mouse Left Click.png on the character to bring up the menu that includes the Inventory option. Move the cursor to the edge of the map to scroll.