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Talk to the man left and down from the starting point. When you do he'll give you the save box and tell you about the cost to save. (30 gems) Find and talk to the blacksmith. He'll send you on a mission to find his 5 hens, 3 of which are easy to find, and 2 require using warp caves. Talk to the blacksmith again to get a sword. He tells you that your sword can level, and it can reach up to level 6. Kill anything you can easily kill whenever you have the opportunity until you hit this level. Find and talk to the swordsmaster. He'll ask you to kill all the knights. Do so. Talk to him again to get your 1st ability, the spin attack. Find and talk to Merlin, who will tell you that you can now enter your home. Go up from talking to Merlin to do so.

You are now at the castle, kill the knights for experience and go inside. Talk to the man by the door, then go all the way right and talk to the man looking for his dog. Find the dog and deliver it to the man. You will receive the shield. Open all the chests, one will open a passageway with the grappling hook. Kill all the ghosts and the door you couldn't open will open, allowing you to get the compass and a heart. The compass is one of the most useful items of the game, a universal (nearly) map. Use it to see where you, people, enemies and items are. Go outside, to the right and up, and use the grappling hook where the arrow is pointing. You will be able to go up and pick up the key you need to go after Ruber. Go back to Merlin, talk to him, then enter the door. Go right for a heart then the other way to fight Ruber. It's an easy fight, just like fighting knights, except that Ruber has more energy. Use your recovery heart if you have to, but it shouldn't be necessary.

Once you beat Ruber go to the bottom of the screen. After a while a hole will open up. Fall in it. This will happen with almost every boss, taking you to Merlin's house. Talk to him and your life will refill, and you'll be treated to some storyline. When it's all over you will be asked if you want to save. Remember 2 things:

  1. The game has only 1 save slot (important if you are going for the map)
  2. This is a free save (it doesn't cost you 30 gems)