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Enemy Drops[edit]

Item Name Description
Section Z NES Energy.png Energy Collect these to restore up to 3 lost units of energy. You cannot collect more energy than your maximum energy.
Section Z NES Speed.png Speed Pick up the Speed capsule to increase the rate at which you move around the screen. Be careful not too pick up too many or you may find it hard to control yourself effectively.
Section Z NES Power Capsule.png Power Power capsules are left behind by destroyed generators or certain bosses. For each one that you collect, your energy maximum increases by eight, up to 99 in total.


Section Z NES Metal Eater.gif

Weapons are collected from enemies known as Metal Eaters (shown right). They are found on specific levels, and they will always contain the same particular weapon. Remember where you find your favorite weapon, and visit that section to find it again.

Item Name Description
Section Z NES Flash Buster.png Flash Buster The Flash Buster is a medium range weapon that shoots three bullets out at a time. The bullets do not travel far, but they fan out as they advance.
Section Z NES Megasmasher.png Megasmasher The Megasmasher is an excellent enhancement to your regular laser. It travels all the way across the screen, and has the ability to rip through several enemies. Even when it can't kill an enemy immediately, it does a lot more damage than the laser.
Section Z NES Flash Barrier Shield.png Barrier Shield The Barrier Shield erects an energy field in front of you, which is capable of absorbing 32 bullets. However, it will only protect the front of you, so you must face the opposite direction to defend yourself if the attack is coming from behind.
Mega Buster To acquire the Mega Buster, you must collect a second Megasmasher or a second Flash Buster while the first one is activated. When you do this, your weapon will automatically be upgraded to the Mega Buster, a weapon which combines the triple shot and medium range of the Flash Buster, with the power of the Megasmasher.


Item Name Description
Section Z NES Mega Missile.png Mega Missile the Mega Missile will fly forward to strike any targets that lies in its path, and do tremendous damage to them.
Section Z NES Flash Bomb.gif Flash Bomb Once activated, the Flash Bomb will cause damage to every enemy present on the screen.
Section Z NES Crush Ball.gif Crush Ball The Crush Ball will fly in circles around the player for a limited period of time, smashing any enemy that comes in contact with it.