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In order to complete the game, you must make it from Section 0 to Section 59. The sections are divided into three parts, 0 to 19, 20 to 39, and 40 to 59. At the end of most (but not all) sections, you are presented with a choice or portals to choose from, a top portal and a bottom portal which usually (but not always) lead to a different section. Some sections will contain one portal that is red, which means it is locked, and it will harm you if you try to utilize it. In order to unlock these red portals, you must locate the Generator associated with the lock. Once a Generator has been destroyed, a red portal will transform into an open portal when you encounter it. Each of the three parts has two generators to destroy, and they will all culminate in a boss fight before you are permitted to move on to the next part or complete the game.

Section features[edit]

Some sections contain one or more Metaleaters which can be shot to reveal weapons such as the Megasmasher and the Flash Buster, or a Barrier Shield. A small letter (F, M, or B) will appear next to the section number on the maps provided in the walkthrough to indicate which weapons are available in which sections.
Secret rooms
Some sections contain hidden entrances to secret rooms. In order to find these hidden entrances, you must shoot the right location in space. These locations may be close to the floor or ceiling, or in the middle of the screen. Shooting in the right place will make a glowing orb appear. Touch the orb to be taken inside the secret room. Some secret rooms are energy stations that will repair damage to your suit. Others are warp zones that may take you ahead of (or behind) your current progress in the game, but always within the same 20 section part. Others possibilities are rooms that contain new Shells to summon, or rooms filled with Metaleaters.
Generators or Bosses
Each of the three 20 Section parts contain two Generator rooms and a final boss room. Some may even contain mini-bosses as well. You can earn Power Capsules for destroying Generators and bosses which increase your maximum energy capacity.
Empty sections
Though rare, some sections are entirely empty. Often you must pass through these sections before an incredibly difficult section to come.