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This page details the biographies of the protagonists and other characters met during the game. Some of the Samurai's names are puns of the names of the Samurai from Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Cue is a pun on Kyuzo. Eight is a pun on Hiehachi (hachi meaning "eight" in Japanese). Rojie is a pun on Shichiroji.



Natoe is the main protagonist of the game used by the player. He is a skilled swordsman who trained under the legendary swordsman Musashi (most likely a reference to the real Japanese swordsman) since he was a child. He is very skilled for his age and is possibly the most skilled out of the whole group, especially considering his inexperience. This also leads him to be quite cocky, and he tends to say things without thinking beforehand, coming off as a somewhat "disrespectful kid". He knows right from wrong, however, and can always be counted on to do the right thing for others along with a deep respect for one's own freedom. After finishing his training with his sensei, he subsequently left and ventured out on his own to experience freedom of his own. He dies at the end of the game. He is only based on Katsushirō of the film Seven Samurai.


An orphaned girl when she was younger, she was brought into the care of Musashi to train with Natoe when he was seven years old. She has long harbored feelings for him throughout the years, but will never openly admit them. She is somewhat of a tomboy, and can be quite obnoxious to those around her. She is less skilled than Natoe and may in fact be the least skilled out of the whole group. After Natoe left to venture on his own, she thought him selfish (he was supposed to be the heir to Musashi's style, and take over his dojo) and took off after him to convince him to return. However, Natoe thinks she is the selfish one, and treats her as little more than an annoyance. Sometime on her travels, she became one of the Agents of the city, and continually tried to convince the others of the Agents' true intentions. None of the others took heed of her, however, and they ended up finding out the hard way. She and Natoe's relationship deepens near the end of the game, but as he returns from the final battle against Ein, they are attacked by Zwei, and she dies along with Natoe.


An aged warrior who excels in the art of strategy, Kanbei's skills as a swordsman are the result of surviving the dangers of many wars. Indeed, Kanbei keeps cool in the heat of battle, and is very intelligent due to his many experiences and old age. He is third most skilled samurai, about on par with Rojie, but weaker than Cue or Natoe. He devises up all the battle strategies for the defense of the village and acts as the leader of the group. He and Rojie are the only remaining samurai at the end of the game.


Cue is a very skilled female humanoid. She has lost her memories and fights in an arena in the "town of warriors", before being found by Natoe and included in their group. Despite being a humanoid, she is quite kind and soft-spoken, and always stands up for the rights of others. She also has superb swordsman skills and maybe on equal footing with Natoe, or even greater, as both have not reached their full potential. Upon their meeting, Ein interrupted, and attempted to take control of her mind, saying she was his "soulmate". Natoe intervened however, and he retreated. She then subsequently joined his group in hopes of regaining her memories. After defending the village, she then accompanies him to the "Library of Avalon" and is eventually captured and absorbed by Ein to become Almana. Natoe however, destroys the god-like being, but Cue is lost forever.


A short, squat samurai who utilizes a bayonet-type spear, Eight is jolly and quite fun-loving, and has a great taste for sake. He joins the group after confronting the Man-in-White in the sewers, and eventually reveals he is an Agent for the city, along with the fact that it was he who freed Hinato from the Steeple of Light because he felt sorry for her. However, he lost her to the humanoids, and has been trying to recover her since. He appears to be eaten with guilt for his various actions, and near the end of the game, attempts redemption by blowing himself up in a kamikaze attack against the humanoids. He is the fifth most skilled samurai in the group.


Rojie is a big hulking man, who apparently fought alongside Kanbei in the old days. He has since retired from that life, and now leads a life as a bodyguard for Salla in the red light district of the city. He has not informed anyone of his old life, and seems to harbor feelings for his client. After meeting up with Kanbei, he is convinced to return to battle to preserve peace. He is the fourth most skilled Samurai. Unlike the rest of the Samurai, whose preferred weapons are a katana and/or a spear, he prefers to use brute strength to get the job done.


The "smart-ass" of the group and by far the quickest in battle, Totsuma was previously a Robin Hood-like thief, but after Natoe helps avenge the death of his sister, who died at the hands of Necryl, he joins the group out of debt and respect, thinking he can further avenge his sister by helping others in need. He is the sixth most skilled samurai, and prefers to fight using his animal-like agility and hand-to-hand combat skills. He also carries a dagger, but never is seen using it within the game. He dies trying to protect a villager from falling rubble. He is based on Kyuzo of the film Seven Samurai.

Other characters[edit]

A Man In White (W)[edit]

An Agent of the city, W is the leader of a highly advanced group of law-abiding individuals known simply as the "Agents". In search of the sacred treasure that went missing along with the city's holy child, W joins forces with Ein to do away with Natoe and make certain that the treasure and holy child are returned to the city. W also knows a secret about one of the members in Natoe's group. Natoe will discover this secret and understand its relevance to the Seven Samurai mission only after his showdown with W.


A powerful and rich drug dealer who competes against Salla for money and power. He captures Salla, forcing Rojie and Natoe to intervene. When he realizes he is no match for Natoe, he injects himself with a strength inducing stimpack that transforms him into a giant, horrific creature. Natoe defeats this form too, killing Kyric and ending his organization.


A bodyguard for hire that serves under Kyric, Jiro was the final impasse standing between Natoe's confrontation with Kyric after defeating Kyric's henchman. He uses a variety of tools, such as a grappling hook and a small selection of projectiles, but was quickly defeated.

Jaguar Baller[edit]

While searching for Rojie, Natoe encounters a "Jaguar Baller", a participant who plays in the violent sport of the same name. Challenging Natoe to a fight in the Center Street area of the city, Natoe defeats him to proceed on his quest. His weapon is the Stick.


An agent of the city, Charnel is a masked and hooded creature who has super strength. Upon Natoe's departure of the city, he attempts to stop the Samurai as they trek through the outlands. His weapon is the otem.

Chi and Mu[edit]

Two hunters that use a mixture of Capoeira and speed gained from their rollerblades. Chi uses the element of fire in his attacks and Mu uses ice.


A female Hunter shaped like a worm with tentacles, Lambda has control over space and psychics in the surrounding area, able to create black holes and transform her malleable body into a dangerous puddle. Natoe subsequently defeats Lambda after her battle with Kanbei.


The leader of the city hunters. Epsilon is a clown-like warrior who carries a doll in his right arm and his rapier (named Clown) in the other. By unknown means, Epsilon's real soul is encased in the doll he holds in his hand, meaning he cannot die unless it is destroyed. Natoe, does so, ending his life and the city's pursuit of the Sacred Child.

Klein, Weite and Lange[edit]

Three human warriors that serve under the humanoid Zwei. They have given their humanity away for increased power and abilities. Klein is a giant man who utilizes an immense dragon's skull grafted to his arm, Weite uses a knight's shield and a long sword, and Lange is magician who uses fire magic. They encountered Natoe prior to his first battle with Zwei, but even their combined forces couldn't stop him.


A tall, black monster that guards the Library of Avalon, the final stage in the game. Bound by magic to protect the Library for eternity, the Guardian uses a warping ability combined with quick slashing attacks to rend the enemy to pieces. Natoe and Cue encountered several Guardians as they progressed through the facility.