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This guide will show you how to edit virtually every aspect of your character and your hired 'runners. Whether you want to just give yourself a quick karma boost, a fatter pocket secretary, or go wild and give yourself enormous ratings to body, quickness, intelligence, etc., you can find out how here.

In certain versions, you will only be able to give yourself a maximum of 255 karma, after which it sets itself back to zero when pushed any higher. In other versions of the ROM, it can be raised to over 999. If you are new to hex editing save states, take a look at the next section. Otherwise, each attribute has its own section, and will explain what you need to modify it.

Once you have the hex editor/correct save game situation handled, simply browse or go to the section for thing you can change. Get the offset(s) provided, and follow the guidelines for that value to help understand how it works and what you can or can't do. If the value is a combination of things, and not a numerical value, a table will be provided. If, at any time, special rules apply to any of the changeable aspects, then info will be given regarding those special rules. Then, all you have to do, is change the values at those offsets with your hex editor and reload your save state.

LSB, MSB[edit]

LSB, MSB is a term used to describe how a CPU reads information, which is from right (least significant bit) to left (most significant bit). Take the number 44,000 for example. In hex, that turns out to ABE0. When the computer reads the hex value, it actually reads it as E0AB which translates to 57,515. Now, you might be asking yourself, if the computer reads the hex value from right-to-left, wouldn't it be 0EBA? The answer is no. The CPU reads the bytes from left to right and, if you remember, hex bytes are two digits each. To counter the effect of the CPU reading your values incorrectly, you apply LSB, MSB rules to it. All you do is reverse the bytes beforehand so the computer, even though we read it backwards, reads it correctly. Just split the value into two-digit chunks. If the value has an odd number of digits, then add a zero to the front of the value:

  • EF21 becomes EF 21
  • 2D31769C becomes 2D 31 76 9C
  • CED becomes 0CED and then 0C ED

Then, reverse the positions of the chunks so that the rightmost chunk becomes the leftmost, the second rightmost becomes the second, and so on:

  • EF 21 becomes 21 EF
  • 2D 31 76 9C becomes 9C 76 31 2D
  • 0C ED becomes ED 0C

That's all there is to it. You read the value wrong, but the computer will reverse it and will come out as intended.

Note: Only apply the above rule to values two or more bytes big. Also, for values that have combinations (non-numerical values, for example), this rule is not applied.

Vital stats[edit]

This section will provide some things that you may want to know before you start using this guide. The GoodTools ROM name is what the file is named when you catalog it with GoodGen (get it, and other tools at This tells you some stuff that could possibly change where offsets are in a save state, like country code, ROM version, alternates, etc. You can use the ROM size to further confirm that you are using the same image as was used to create this guide. The identifying text string is used to locate a common reference in the save state, if the ROM you are using is different or if you are unsure about your version. When you open up the save file in your hex editor you can look at the offset supplied and see if the identifying text starts at that particular offset. The 'emulator used' field is there to identify which emulator was used while finding these hex offsets and also to show what this emulator names its save states.

  • GoodTools ROM name: Shadow Run (U) [!].bin
  • Save state filename: Shadow Run (U) [!].gs0 (Gens save slot 0)
  • ROM size (in DOS): 2,097,152 bytes
  • Identifying text string: "Joshua" at offset 25D3 (NOTE: The actual name starts at offset 25D0).
  • Emulator used: Gens v2.11

The reason the file size in DOS is used, is that Windows displays file sizes in kilobytes and rounds it out. DOS displays file sizes in bytes and, therefore, is more accurate. If you can't open a DOS box, open Windows Explorer, PC Mouse Right Click.png the file and choose "Properties".

Mental and physical health %[edit]

  • Offset 25C4
  • Numerical value
  • Range: 00-0A

The red bar to the left of your character's picture, on the right bar is your physical health. The bluish-green one on the bottom is your mental. The game multiplies this value by 10 to get your final value, so pick a value between 01 and 0A. You can go higher, but the game will reset it back to 100 once the value has been modified.

Ammo left in gun[edit]

  • Offset 25C6
  • Numerical value
  • Range: 00-xx (depends on gun)

In the game, there is a trick to refill your clip by equipping a grenade, and then re-equipping your gun (as long as you have more than 0 bullets in your current clip), so this value probably isn't worth the trouble to change. Setting this value higher than the capacity of your gun will reset itself once the number of bullets change.

Number of clips[edit]

  • Offset 25C7
  • Numerical value
  • Range: 00-7F

By normal means you can have a max of 20 clips, so this can save trips to those places that sell them. If you set this value higher than 7F (127 clips), the game will reset your clip total to 0.

Current weapon in use[edit]

  • Offset 25CF
  • Combination value
  • Range: 00-0F

The interesting thing about changing this value is that you can have a certain weapon equipped without having it in your inventory. The game will continue to think you have that gun in use until you tell it otherwise.

  • 00: Nothing
  • 01: Streetline Special
  • 02: Model 101T LP
  • 03: American L36 LP
  • 04: Security 500 LP
  • 05: Warhawk HP
  • 06: Max-Power HP
  • 07: Predator HP
  • 08: AK-97 SMG
  • 09: HK227-S SMG
  • 0A: Mach 22 SMG
  • 0B: Allegiance Shotgun
  • 0C: Roomsweeper Shotgun
  • 0D: Frag Grenade
  • 0E: Scatter Grenade
  • 0F: Concussion Grenade

Values over 0F are things you can't normally use as weapons, and have no effect, like medkits, stim patches, etc.

Character name[edit]

  • Offsets 25D0-25DC (13 bytes)
  • Alphanumeric string
  • Range: String

Your character's name actually starts at offset 25D0, even though the first text you see is at offset 25D3. These three extra spaces (hex value 20) are there to align the name to the center when viewing it. You can edit these blank spaces however you want.

Inventory slots[edit]

  • Offsets 25DE-25E5 (8 bytes)
  • Combination values
  • Range: 00-32 for each byte

These values control what you have in your inventory, obviously. If the below table is your 8-slot inventory box at the pause screen, the order of the bytes are:

25DE 25DF
25E0 25E1
25E2 25E3
25E4 25E5

If you don't understand the diagram above, don't worry. The pattern goes:

  1. First offset: left slot on first row
  2. Second offset: right slot on first row
  3. Third offset: left slot on second row
  4. … etc.
  • 00: Nothing
  • 01: Streetline Special
  • 02: Model 101T LP
  • 03: American L36 LP
  • 04: Security 500 LP
  • 05: Warhawk HP
  • 06: Max-Power HP
  • 07: Predator HP
  • 08: AK-97 SMG
  • 09: HK227-S SMG
  • 0A: Mach 22 SMG
  • 0B: Allegiance Shotgun
  • 0C: Roomsweeper Shotgun
  • 0D: Frag Grenade
  • 0E: Scatter Grenade
  • 0F: Concussion Grenade
  • 10: Medkit
  • 11: Stim Patch
  • 12: Trauma Patch
  • 13: Fetish
  • 14: Maglock Passkey
  • 15: Electronic Kit
  • 16: Smart Goggles
  • 17: Enchanted Dagger
  • 18: Power Focus
  • 19: Flame Dart Spell Focus
  • 1A: Flame Bolt Spell Focus
  • 1B: Hellblast Spell Focus
  • 1C: Invisibility Spell Focus
  • 1D: Sleep Spell Focus
  • 1E: Stink Spell Focus
  • 1F: Super Barrier Spell Focus
  • 20: Mana Zap Spell Focus
  • 21: Mana Blast Spell Focus
  • 22: Mana Storm Spell Focus
  • 23: Rockskin Spell Focus
  • 24: Heal Wounds Spell Focus
  • 25: Confusion Spell Focus
  • 26: Barrier Spell Focus
  • 27: Protection Talisman
  • 28: Combat Sense Spell Lock
  • 29: Rat Totem
  • 2A: Gator Totem
  • 2B: Bear Totem
  • 2C: Armor Vest
  • 2D: Armor Clothing
  • 2E: Armor Jacket
  • 2F: Vest With Plates
  • 30: Lined Duster
  • 31: Light Combat Armor
  • 32: Heavy Combat Armor

It's unknown what the Enchanted Dagger does. It was probably left out somehow. Values after 32 are spells and garbage stuff, which appear to do nothing.

A small note before changing these values: it's unknown what determines whether something in your inventory is equipped or not. It could be controlled by some of the values below, but it hasn't been tested fully. Therefore, it might be a wise idea to unequip all your equipped items before changing the items in your inventory.

Inventory slot modifiers[edit]

  • Offsets 25E6-25ED (8 bytes)
  • Numerical or combination values
  • Range: 00-32 for each byte

The modifier values determine one of three things, depending on what kind of item it is. Either it's the amount you have left of that item (grenades, medkits), the rating of the item (maglock passkeys, talismans) or what kind of accessories it has on it (guns only).

For items with quantities or ratings just use a normal number. Values that go over the item's limit haven't been tested. For gun accessories, use this chart:

  • No accessories: Add 0
  • Smartlink: Add 1
  • Silencer: Add 2
  • Sound Suppressor: Add 4
  • Laser Sighting: Add 8
  • Gas Vent II: Add 16
  • Gas Vent III: Add 32

Add total values for the accessory/accessories you want and convert to hex before entering the value. It is possible for shotguns to have silencers. Below, are some common configurations and their hex values:

  • Smartlink, Silencer: 03
  • Laser Sighting, Silencer: 0A
  • Smartlink, Sound Suppressor, Gas Vent III: 25
  • Laser Sighting, Sound Suppressor, Gas Vent III: 2C

Current armor in use[edit]

  • Offset 25EE
  • Combination value
  • Range: 00-07

Just like the current weapon in use value, this one determines which armor you are currently wearing. Although not tested thoroughly, but would be the most likely case, you do not need the armor you are wearing in your inventory. The game will continue to think you have that armor on until you try to equip a new one.

  • 00: No Armor
  • 01: Armor Vest
  • 02: Armor Clothing
  • 03: Armor Jacket
  • 04: Vest With Plates
  • 05: Lined Duster
  • 06: Light Combat Armor
  • 07: Heavy Combat Armor

Values after seem to have no effect.

Attribute ratings[edit]

  • Offsets 25EF-25F7 (excluding 25F5) and 2606
  • Numerical values
  • Range: 00-FF

The exact offsets for these values are as follows:

  • 25EF: Body Attribute
  • 25F0: Quickness Attribute
  • 25F1: Strength Attribute
  • 25F2: Charisma Attribute
  • 25F3: Intelligence Attribute
  • 25F4: Willpower Attribute
  • 25F5: Unknown
  • 25F6: Essence Rating (Whole number)
  • 2606: Essence Rating (Decimal number)
  • 25F7: Magic Attribute

The essence whole number is the number on the left of the rating (the 5 in 5.2 or the 3 in 3.9, for example). The decimal value is the one to the right (the 6 in 4.6 or the 9 in 5.9, for example). In reality, it's possible to give your character stats well above the limit the game intended you to have. Just beware of setting some stats, like strength and magic, too high. This is because, when going to check your success rating for your weapon or spell, the bar will go off the charts, occasionally wrapping around the screen multiple times.

Skill ratings[edit]

  • Offsets 25F8-2604 (excluding 25FE)
  • Numerical values
  • Range: 00-FF

The exact offsets for these values are as follows:

  • 25F8: Sorcery Rating
  • 25F9: Firearms Rating
  • 25FA: Firearms (Pistols) Rating
  • 25FB: Firearms (SMGs) Rating
  • 25FC: Firearms (Shotguns) Rating
  • 25FD: Melee Combat Rating
  • 25FE: Unknown
  • 25FF: Throwing Rating
  • 2600: Computer Rating
  • 2601: Biotech Rating
  • 2602: Electronics Rating
  • 2603: Reputation Rating
  • 2604: Negotiation Rating

Just like above, the values for these can go over 12 (or 13 in some cases).


  • Offset 2605
  • Numerical value
  • Range: 00-FF

It's your karma. If you set it to 255 (FF), make sure you don't gain a point or else it will reset itself to 0.

Cyberdeck presence flag[edit]

  • Offset 2607
  • Combination value (flag)
  • Range: 00 or 01

This value determines whether or not you have a Cyberdeck. In the game, this value is set to 1 after you pick up your brother's stuff. You can change what Cyberdeck you have in the Cyberdeck data files section.

Installed Cyberware[edit]

  • Offsets 2608 and 2609
  • Combination values
  • Range: 00-64 and 00-128

These values also use a table in which you add decimal values to produce certain combinations. Just add along the numbers and convert to hex afterwards.

Offset 2608 list
  • None: Add 0
  • Muscle Replacement (4): Add 1
  • Dermal Plating (1): Add 2
  • Dermal Plating (2): Add 4
  • Dermal Plating (3): Add 8
  • Wired Reflexes (1): Add 16
  • Wired Reflexes (2): Add 32
  • Wired Reflexes (3): Add 64

Full Cyberware from this list: 49 hex.

Offset 2609 list
  • Datajack: Add 1
  • CyberEyes: Add 2
  • Hand Razors: Add 4
  • Spurs: Add 8
  • Smartlink: Add 16
  • Muscle Replacement (1): Add 32
  • Muscle Replacement (2): Add 64
  • Muscle Replacement (3): Add 128

Full Cyberware from this list (minus level 3 Muscle Replacement): 1B hex.

To replace the Spurs with Hand Razors instead, use 17 hex.

Going above the maximum gives multiple instances of some Cyberware, but overrides any others afterwards. For example, 4A gives you Dermal Plating (1), Dermal Plating (3) and Wired Reflexes (3) but only gives you a +1 bonus to Body (from Dermal Plating).

Race and Archetype[edit]

  • Offsets 2612 (Race) and 2613 (Archetype)
  • Combination values
  • Ranges: 00-05 (Races) and 00-03 (Archetypes)

Different races in the game have different limits for their attributes. If you want a different approach at the game and wish to, for example, change your race to a Troll or Elf, then this is the place to do it. Race bonuses and penalties to their maximum attributes are included. A Troll, for example, can have a maximum of 11 to body (without Cyberware), but can only have a max of 4 to intelligence among other things.

Races (offset 2612)
  • 00: Human: Normal
  • 01: Elf: +1 Quickness, +2 Charisma
  • 02: Dwarf: +1 Body, -1 Quickness, +2 Strength, +1 Willpower
  • 03: Orc: +3 Body, +2 Strength, -1 Charisma, -1 Intelligence
  • 04: Troll: +5 Body, -1 Quickness, +4 Strength, -2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence, -1 Willpower
  • 05: Mage: No limits

The 'mage race' apparently doesn't have any limits to how high you can improve your attributes though the use of karma.

Archetypes (offset 2613)
  • 00: Shaman
  • 01: Mage
  • 02: Samurai
  • 03: Decker

The only thing that is affected by your Archetype is whether or not you can use magic. Also, there aren't any differences between a Mage or a Shaman. It's probably used in the game so you can see certain people use totems.

Shadowrunners' spell books[edit]

  • Offsets 11E73-11F17 (with some unused bytes in between)
  • Combination and numerical values
  • Ranges: varies

Only characters that can, or have the potential to, cast spells can have spell books. That means no Winston Marrs or Ilene Two-Fists casting high level Hellblasts.

  • 11E73: Ricky Spell count
  • 11E74 - 11E8F: Ricky Spells/Spell levels
  • 11E95: Trent Spell count
  • 11E96 - 11EB1: Trent Spells/Spell levels
  • 11EB7: Walking Bear Spell count
  • 11EB8 - 11ED3: Walking Bear Spells/Spell levels
  • 11ED9: Freya Spell count
  • 11EDA - 11EF5: Freya Spells/Spell levels
  • 11EFB: Joshua Spell count
  • 11EFC - 11F17: Joshua Spells/Spell levels

The spell count value determines how many spells you have learned (the game assumes you always have at least one spell so, 00 = 1 spell and 0D = 14 spells). Spells are two bytes each. The first byte is the actual spell and the second is the spell level.

  • 00: Flame Dart
  • 01: Flame Bolt
  • 02: Hellblast
  • 03: Invisibility
  • 04: Sleep
  • 05: Stink
  • 06: Super Barrier
  • 07: Mana Zap
  • 08: Mana Blast
  • 09: Mana Storm
  • 0A: Rockskin
  • 0B: Heal Wounds
  • 0C: Confusion
  • 0D: Barrier

So, if you wanted a level 4 Rockskin for Joshua, you would put a value of 00 in 11EFB (one spell) and put a value of 0A04 for offsets 11EFC and 11EFD.

Cyberdeck stats and programs[edit]

  • Offsets 12036-12041 (Stats), 12043 (Brand) and 12044-1204F (Programs)
  • Combination and numerical values
  • Ranges: varies

The first range of offsets hold the basic stats of your Cyberdeck. Things like MPCP rating, Load I/O speed, attribute ratings, etc.

  • 12036: Cyberdeck MPCP Rating
  • 12037: Cyberdeck Hardening Rating
  • 12038 - 12039: Cyberdeck Memory (Doesn't follow LSB/MSB rules like Nuyen)
  • 1203A - 1203B: Cyberdeck Storage (Same as above)
  • 1203C: Cyberdeck Load I/O Speed
  • 1203D: Cyberdeck Response
  • 1203E: Cyberdeck Body Rating
  • 1203F: Cyberdeck Evasion Rating
  • 12040: Cyberdeck Masking Rating
  • 12041: Cyberdeck Sensor Rating
  • 12043: Cyberdeck Brand
  • 00: Cyber Shack PCD-500
  • 01: Fuchi Cyber-5
  • 02: Sega CTY-360
  • 03: Fuchi Cyber-7
  • 04: Fairlight Excalibur
  • FF: Allegiance Alpha

The next batch of offsets hold the info on your actual programs.

Cyberdeck Combat program versions
  • 12044: Attack
  • 12045: Slow
  • 12046: Degrade
  • 12047: Rebound
Cyberdeck Defense program versions
  • 12048: Medic
  • 12049: Shield
  • 1204A: Smoke
  • 1204B: Mirrors
Cyberdeck Mask/Sense program version
  • 1204C: Sleaze
  • 1204D: Deception
  • 1204E: Relocate
  • 1204F: Analyze

Just enter a decimal value in each offset to get that version.

Cyberdeck data files[edit]

  • Offsets: 12055-12063
  • Combination and numerical values
  • Ranges: varies

Why the data file info goes from slot 5 to slot 1 is unknown. The Data file type determines the name of the file that appears in your Cyberdeck's storage. It has no effect on the worth, or size of the file. The size is a numerical value of 0-255 (or it might be 1-255) that determines the data file size, in game units, of the file. It also influences the value of the file to a fixer. Finally, the value is a multiplier that also determines the final worth of the file to a fixer, like Roscoe.

How datafiles work

Size determines not only the size it takes up in storage, but the multiplier. Use the Data file value offset to determine the base worth, which in turn is multiplied by 5. If a value greater than 7F is used for the Data file worth, then it is considered an encrypted file from a matrix run. Example:

Offset 12062 contains 4C (decimal value 67), the size of the first Data file.
Offset 12063 contains 54 (decimal value 84), the value of the first Data file, which is multiplied by 5, making the base worth 420.
The total amount of Nuyen you will get from Roscoe for this file is 420×67 (Data file size × base worth), or 28,140 Nuyen.
Data file offsets
  • 12055: Data file 5 Type
  • 12056: Data file 5 Size
  • 12057: Data file 5 Value
  • 12058: Data file 4 Type
  • 12059: Data file 4 Size
  • 1205A: Data file 4 Value
  • 1205B: Data file 3 Type
  • 1205C: Data file 3 Size
  • 1205D: Data file 3 Value
  • 1205E: Data file 2 Type
  • 1205F: Data file 2 Size
  • 12060: Data file 2 Value
  • 12061: Data file 1 Type
  • 12062: Data file 1 Size
  • 12063: Data file 1 Value
Data file types
  • 00: Back-up files
  • 01: Archived files
  • 02: Canceled accounts
  • 03: History data
  • 04: Canceled passwords
  • 05: System usage report
  • 06: System activity
  • 07: Access request log
  • 08: E-mail data
  • 09: Routing requests
  • 0A: Bank acct. numbers
  • 0B: Corporate profile
  • 0C: Personnel dossiers
  • 0D: Employee scheduling
  • 0E: Client information
  • 0F: Project records
  • 10: Open project data
  • 11: Project expense report
  • 12: Project requisition
  • 13: Project utilities
  • 14: Security records
  • 15: Contact dossiers
  • 16: Surveillance data
  • 17: Equipment permits
  • 18: Lone Star reports
  • 19: Archived files
  • 1A: Project folders
  • 1B: Closed projects
  • 1C: Project expense report
  • 1D: Failed prototypes
  • 1E: Competitor profiles
  • 1F: Competitor products
  • 20: Competitor marketing
  • 21: Competitor security
  • 22: Competitor budgets
  • 23: Sales information
  • 24: Public relations
  • 25: Customer files
  • 26: Advertising info
  • 27: Marketing report
  • 28: Entertainment data
  • 29: Educational data
  • 2A: BTL data
  • 2B: Experimental data
  • 2C: Toxic data
  • 2D: Bank acct. numbers
  • 2E: Corporate account
  • 2F: Local accounts
  • 30: Security expenses
  • 31: Capital expenditure
  • 32: Long range goals
  • 33: Shadowrun information
  • 34: Strike Team orders
  • 35: Blackmail Information
  • 36: Prototype blueprint
  • 37: Domestic law
  • 38: International law
  • 39: Tribal law
  • 3A: Pending lawsuits
  • 3B: Contact dossiers
  • 3C: Current inmates
  • 3D: Previous inmates
  • 3E: Psychiatric reports
  • 3F: Parole files
  • 40: Contact dossiers
  • 41: Open case files
  • 42: Closed case files
  • 43: Equipment permits
  • 44: Outstanding warrants
  • 45: Unsolved cases

Anything above 80 tells the game there is no file there. The game uses FF for this.

Shadowrun contract information[edit]

  • Offsets 12064-1206D
  • Combination and numerical values
  • Ranges: varies

This is the biggest section in the guide because of all the possible combinations (NOTE: Offset 12064 must be other than FF in order for the game to show you have a contract):

  • 12064: Name of the Johnson who contracted the 'Run
    • 00: Mr. Gunderson
    • 01: Julius Strouther
    • 02: Mortimer Reed
    • 03: Vigore and Jarl
    • 04: Caleb Brightmore
  • 12065: Type of Shadowrun contract
    • 00: Ghoul Bounty
    • 01: Bodyguard
    • 02: Courier
    • 03: Enforcement
    • 04: Acquisition
    • 05: Extraction
    • 06: Matrix Run (See below)
  • 12066: Run source area: Area to go to (See below)
  • 12067: Run source building: Building to go to (See below)
  • 12069: Run destination area: Area to go to (See below)
  • 1206A: Run destination building: Building to go to (See below)
Area combinations (offsets 12066-1206A, except 12068)

Different types of runs use these combinations differently, but the chart can be used for all runs, source and destination. Format is:

  • xx: Run Area (Place on the map to go when calling a taxi). Offsets 12066 (source area) and 12069 (destination area)
    • xx: Run Building (Building in the area that you need to go). Offsets 12067 (source building) and 1206A (destination building)
  • 00: Downtown Seattle
    • 00: Seattle Gen. Hospital
    • 01: Icarus Descending
    • 02: Matchsticks
    • 03: Gates Undersound
    • 04: Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
    • 05: Fuchi's local office
    • 06: Space Needle
    • 07: Roscoe the Fixer
    • 08: OOGA BOOGA BOOGA (I have no idea)
  • 01: Puyallup Barrens
    • 00: The Wanderer
    • 01: Tarislar City Inn
    • 02: Ares' Corporate Offices
    • 03: Riannon's
    • 04: Underground 93
    • 05: Crime Mall
    • 06: Dr. Bob's Quickstitch
    • 07: Tarislar Garden Apartment Complex
    • 09: Ork Gang
  • 02: Redmond Barrens
    • 00: Hollywood Correctional Facilities
    • 01: Little Chiba
    • 02: Stoker's Coffin Motel
    • 03: Shiawase Nuke Plant
    • 04: Jump House
    • 05: Jackal's Lantern
    • 06: Boris' Greenhouse
    • 07: Rat's Nest
    • 09: Halloweeners
    • 0B: Ares Weapon Emporium
  • 03: Penumbra District
    • 00: Club Penumbra
    • 01: Wylie's Gala Inn
    • 02: Fuchi Industrial Electronics
    • 03: Mitsuhama's local office
    • 04: Eye Fivers
    • 05: Big Rhino
    • 06: Lone Star Security
  • 04: Council Island
    • 00: Council Island Inn
    • 01: Friendship Restaurant
    • 02: Passport Lodge
    • 03: Medicine Lodge Hollow
    • 04: Council Island Hospital
    • 05: Ork Embassy
  • 05: Renraku Arcology
    • 01: Frag Grenade
    • 02: Wire-Masters
    • 03: Merlin's Lore
    • 04: Microtronics
    • 05: Weapons World
    • 06: Renraku Offices
  • 06: AmerIndian Lands
    • Has no buildings that can be included in runs, yet it's possible to have a run that originates to/from the AmerIndian Lands.
  • 12068: System to hit when on matrix runs OR Name of client to extract or escort (See below).
Matrix systems
  • 00: Unlisted – Use for 'A local office...'
  • 01: Unlisted – Use for 'A corporate branch office...'
  • 02: Unlisted – Use for 'A small R&D firm...'
  • 03: Unlisted – Use for 'A new local company...'
  • 04: Unlisted – Use for 'A local retail business...'
  • 05: Unlisted – Use for 'A local corporate office...'
  • 06: Unlisted – Use for 'A local shipping warehouse...'
  • 07: Aztechnology
  • 08: Unlisted – Use for 'A legal firm...'
  • 09: Unlisted – Use for 'A local stuffer shack...'
  • 0A: Unlisted – Use for 'A local SimSense company...'
  • 0B: Unlisted – Use for 'A local coffin hotel...'
  • 0C: Club Penumbra
  • 0D: Seattle General Hospital
  • 0E: City Hall – Use for 'The mayor's office...'
  • 0F: Unlisted – Use for 'A SimSense corporation...'
  • 10: UCAS Federal Govt.
  • 11: Gates Undersound
  • 12: Ito's System
  • 13: Hollywood Correctional Facilities
  • 14: Mitsuhama
  • 15: Renraku
  • 16: Fuchi
  • 17: Lone Star
  • 18: Ares
Escort/Extract client names
  • 00: Mike Nana
  • 01: John Worley
  • 02: Ellis Goodson
  • 03: John Van Anthony
  • 04: Dok Whitson
  • 05: Jase Weese
  • 06: Heinrich Micheals
  • 07: Billy Gibson
  • 08: Nero Manser
  • 09: Alan Turing
  • 0A: Chris Stout
  • 0B: Jorge Kish
  • 1206C - 1206D: Current run contract payment (Doesn't follow LSB/MSB rules, like Nuyen)
Run possibilities
  • Ghoul Bounties: Use Source Area and Source Building for the community of ghouls target.
  • Bodyguard/Courier runs: Use all four values for client/package (See below).
  • Enforcement runs: Use Source Area and Source Building for the target of enforcement.
  • Acquisition runs: Use Source Area and Source Building for place to acquire the package.
  • Extraction runs: Use Source Area and Source Building for area and building to pick up your client.
Matrix runs

Use Source Area for the specific detail of the matrix run (affects which Data store to hit).

  • 00: ...curious about how good their security system is. (Get a high security data file)
  • 01: ...many informants working for them. (Get a list of their security contacts)
  • 02: ...old file in their archives that I could use. (Get a copy of their archived files)
  • 03: ...planning to kidnap someone. (Get into confidential files and get a copy of their Strike Team orders)
  • 04: funding its own run which may affect a client of mine. (Get proof of this activity)
  • 05: ...has been working on a confidential new utility for cyberdecks. (Get a copy of the code)
  • 06: ...blackmailing a client of mine. (Delete that information in their confidential files)
  • 07: ...has a new director of operations. (Get a copy of their personnel record from their management data store)
  • 08: ...scheduling a new band to sponsor their upcoming advertising campaign. (Get the name of the band and their agent from their marketing data store)
  • 09: rumored to have been beefing up their security. (Get a finance file on security expidentures)
  • 0A: holding an informant of mine. I have set up a team to acquire this person. (Crash the CPU as a distraction)
  • 0B: ...has been quite active lately. (Get a list of current inmates, probably for Hollywood runs only)
  • 0C: ...has its mages doing spell research. (Get a copy of their project logs)
  • 0D: ...made me curious lately. (Get a copy of their outdated history data)
  • 0E: ...has been experimenting with revolutionary simsense input devices. (Get a copy of the data collected)
  • 0F: ...supposedly has a new simsense line-up this fall that may threaten certain corporations. (Get information on this)
  • 10: threatening me with a trial. (Delete the case file)
  • 11: My client embezzled funds from his employer and caught a wind of a surprise audit at week's end. (Get into the financial data store and upload a doctored file)
  • 12: My client was wrongly fired from his job and wants to ruin the reputation of his former manager. (Upload the bogus file into their management data store)
  • 13: My client wants his management records updated. (Upload the file)
  • 14: My client wishes to make a power play against his rival but needs you to create a diversion. (Crash the CPU)

Use Source Building for the specific system to hit. (As listed when looking in the pocket secretary, has no effect on the actual system to run.)

  • 00: Aztechnology
  • 01: Club Penumbra
  • 02: Seattle Gen. Hospital
  • 03: Ares
  • 04: Gates Undersound
  • 05: Hollywood (Correctional Facilities)
  • 06: Mitsuhama
  • 07: Renraku
  • 08: Fuchi
  • 09: Lone Star
  • 0A: Ito's Passcode (Ito's System)
  • 0B: A local office
  • 0C: A corporate branch office
  • 0D: A small R&D firm
  • 0E: A new local company
  • 0F: A local retail business
  • 10: A local corporate office
  • 11: A local shipping warehouse
  • 12: A legal firm
  • 13: A local stuffer shack
  • 14: A local SimSense company
  • 15: A local coffin hotel
  • 16: The Mayor's office
  • 17: A SimSense corporation
  • 18: UCAS Federal Government


  • Offsets 12076 - 12079
  • Numerical value
  • Range: 00000000-????????

Important note: The value for Nuyen doesn't follow the LSB, MSB rules. In other words, you don't reverse the positions of the bytes (if you have experience in hex editing, you'll know what that means). Setting this value too high will make the game think you have less than what is displayed, possibly even zero. The value has been tested up to 1 billion Nuyen (3B9ACA00), but the display is slightly glitched. A value of 999,999,999 (3B9AC9FF) should be more than sufficient, and is perfectly displayed.

Interesting effect[edit]

  • Offset 1207E
  • Numerical value
  • Range: ??-??

While playing around, filling offsets up with junk values, this was come across. What it is believed to do, is determine where your party members are, or how many people are following you (companions, person to escort, etc.) or something along those lines. Although it hasn't quite been figured it out, it appears to do something interesting when you use a value of 04 or 05. When you press C button (whatever keyboard/game pad key you have mapped to the custom button), something odd happens. Just try it (use a backup or junk save state!). Enter a value of 04 or 05 in offset 1207E, load your state and then press Start button. If you cycle different characters with C button, you can see the stats, attributes and even the Cyberware of certain targets within the map. It might be useful for finding the stats on different people.

Group items[edit]

  • Offsets 1209C and 1209D
  • Combination values
  • Range: Varies

The combinations here will allow you to possess any group item (even quest items) in the game. You can even get the Map Overlay without having to get a Renraku run. For these charts, add up the decimal values and then convert the final value into hexadecimal.

1209C Combinations (character items)
  • 00: Nothing
  • 01: Map Overlay
  • 02: Package for Current Run
  • 04: Security Pass
  • 08: Weapon Permit
  • 16: Eye-Fiver Ear Cuff
  • 32: Halloweener Patch
  • 64: Ork Armband
  • 127: All items

Then, convert to hex. 7F gets all the above items.

1209D Combinations (quest items)
  • 01: Prototype Cyber-heart
  • 02: Indian Lands Visa
  • 04: Feathered Scale
  • 08: Hell Hound pelt
  • 16: Gargoyle Horn
  • 32: Gift for Lady Gillian
  • 64: Gift for Red Buffalo Woman
  • 128: Landmark Map
  • 255: All items

Then, convert to hex. FF gets all the above items.

Cyberdeck passcodes[edit]

  • Offsets 120A0 and 120A1
  • Combination values
  • Range: Varies

These are the passcodes stored in your cyberdeck. Whenever you accept a matrix run to a listed corp, you will permanently get the passcode to that system. If you don't want to take the time to get runs for all listed systems, this is an easier way than using the debug code. Just like the group items combinations, add along the decimal values and then convert to hex.

120A0 Combinations (decimal)
  • 00: No passcodes
  • 01: Renraku
  • 02: Fuchi
  • 04: Lone Star
  • 08: Ito's Passcode

All passcodes from this list: 0F hex.

120A1 Combinations-
  • 01: Run Passcode
  • 02: Aztechnology
  • 04: Club Penumbra
  • 08: Seattle General Hospital
  • 16: Ares
  • 32: Gates Undersound
  • 64: Hollywood Correctional Facilities
  • 128: Mitsuhama

All passcodes from this list: FF hex. All passcodes minus the run passcode: FE hex.

Contacts list[edit]

  • Offsets 120A6 and 120A7
  • Combination values
  • Range: varies

These values determine who you have as contacts when using the vid-phone. Just like the previous two examples, these values use combinations. Just use FF for both offsets to have all contacts.

Hired Shadowrunner information[edit]

When you hire a shadowrunner, it is also possible to alter his or her stats. To accomplish this, simply take the offset of the aspect you wish to change for your character and add:

  • 100 hex (256 decimal) to get the offset of the first shadowrunner (second character position).
  • 200 hex (512 decimal) to get the offset of the second shadowrunner (third character position).

When you're in your hex editor and have the hex values (not the characters) displayed in a width of 16 or 32 (or any other factor of 8), they will all be lined up vertically for easy editing. Some things you can't change when it comes to your fellow 'runners. Things like their cyberdecks (you all share the same one), group items (shared, too), spells (you can edit their spells, but there is a separate section for that), etc. Another thing – this method of editing only applies to the 'runners in your party. If, for whatever reason, you need to edit a shadowrunner that isn't in your party, you'll have to hire the runner.

Matrix Run completed flag[edit]

  • Offset 12094
  • Combination value
  • Range: Varies
  • 00: Not completed
  • 80: Completed

The condition on which a matrix run is completed or not is determined by a flag, and not whether you have a certain file in your cyberdeck. Think about matrix runs where you have to upload or delete a certain file. Since matrix systems aren't mapped at all times, there has to be some way the game knows you completed a matrix run, that doesn't involve having a certain file in your cyberdeck, when returning to the johnson to collect your pay.

This also might be the flag that determines if all shadowruns are completed or not. In the situation of ghoul runs, it may also count how many ghouls you've terminated. This hasn't been fully tested.

Character sprite[edit]

  • Offset 2587
  • 03: standard sprite for Joshua (human in red vest)
  • 04: troll/ork punk
  • 05: lone star/guard
  • 06: a woman dressed in body armor
  • 07: ganger/eye-fiver
  • 08: ganger/halloweener
  • 09: trenchcoat and a hat
  • 0A: a woman in normal(?) clothes
  • 0B: dwarf/civilian
  • 0C: hellhound
  • 0D: gargoyle (Note: makes the 'runner jump around like one)
  • 0E: hellhound

Character portrait[edit]

Character 25CA 25CB 25CC 25CD 25CE 25CF 25A4
Joshua (samurai) 20 FA 00 04 00 07 20
Joshua (decker) 22 3A 00 04 00 07 20
Joshua (shaman) 21 9A 00 04 00 07 20
Petr Uvehr 24 BA 00 14 00 03 60
Stark 28 7A 00 08 00 09 60
Walking Bear 25 5A 00 14 00 05 60
Ricky 22 DA 00 14 00 01 20
Winston Marrs 23 7A 00 04 00 0B 40
Ilene Two-Fists 26 9A 00 04 7F 00 20
Freya Goldenhair 27 3A 00 04 00 07 40
Rianna Heartbane 27 DA 00 04 00 0A 20
Trent Delisario 24 1A 00 14 FF 01 40
Phantom 25 FA 00 04 00 04 20