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  • Disaster: Flood

The easiest way to handle the flooding borders on cheating: at the start of the scenario, pause the game and bulldoze all the coastline. Be sure you get every tile. With no coastline, flooding cannot occur. If you're not careful, though, it'll usually turn out that you have one or two tiles of coastline left, and a flood will occur there.

Solving the Flood problem is important but in order for you to win the scenario you will also need to combat the other City problems such as lowering the crime rate and the pollution problem. It's not necessary to reduce the crime rate to zero or even get rid of all pollution, but you must reduce these two significantly.

Reducing pollution and crime

Bulldoze all of the zones in the far south east of the map that needs to be a metro park (in real life it is called "morro cara de cao"). If you rebuild this park it will help win the scenario by lowering the crime rate. Some time after the Olympics of 2016, a shanty town slum area sprang up here and these citizens can be relocated near the center of the map after you bulldoze the industrial areas and replace them with residential zones. Don't forget to replace the coal power with nuclear power but only if these plants are located significantly far away from the edge of the map other wise replacing them will serve no benefit because the game tolerates pollution on the map but only if its near the edge of the map where land values are expected to be low anyways.

Relocating industrial zones and fighting crime

Named after the real life downtown "Centro neighborhood", there is an area located near the edge of the map next to the Santos Dumont Airport that needs your attention. It's a good idea to relocate the downtown commercial district to a more central location on the map. There are various reasons for this, such as the commercial areas near the airport that would never reach full potential because of the low land values of being near the edge of the map and exacerbated by the pollution of the airport. Another reason for relocating the downtown is that this area of the map is excellent land for the industrial zones that you're trying to relocate away from the center of the map. Make sure that after you re-zone the area that there is at least minimum police coverage in the area. If you leave any entire districts without police coverage it hurts your score. The large forested area can remain a natural forest and you dont need to build police stations or fire stations there.