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In Sonic Rush Adventure game, there are 7 regular Zones, plus 16 Hidden Islands and the training stage Whale Point, plus the three R Hidden Islands lap courses only found in Time Trial and Two Player, and the Sea Stages. Some of the Hidden Islands are similar some of the Zones, while others are like Whale Point can almost be thought of as another Zone.

Plant Kingdom[edit]

Grinding Section, Act 1

The first zone you play is Plant Kingdom. After Wave Cyclone is built, the crew decides to check there for materials. Plant Kingdom is an island that is big forest filled with huge flowers and mushrooms you can jump on. Green Material is found there and hidden islands 6 and 7 are similar to this zone.

  • There are ivies found in Plant Kingdom that you can swing on. When you are at the highest point of the swing, simply jump off to get to higher places.
  • Giant Mushrooms work like springs and you can do many tricks by them. When bouncing on a trail of them, just keep doing tricks to get a huge amount of scores for S Rank.
  • There are also giant trees that have a face and a hand and when you pass them, they'll pick you up and throw you in the air.
  • In act 1, there's also a section where you grind on ivies (picture above). Press Left dpad or Right dpad to jump from an ivy to another. Instead of focusing on getting rings, focus on not trying to hit the bombs.
  • Generally, in some parts you run on the water. When running on the water you can't boost, but if you are in boost mode before running on the water, you'll still be in boost mode knocking the fishes out of your way.
  • The boss of the zone is the Ghost Rex. He must be defeated by attacking his head when it attempts to bite you.

Machine Labyrinth[edit]

You can get high trick points by drums

Tails needs more materials to make a new ship so they decide to check out Machine Labyrinth too. There, they find Bronze Materials. Machine Labyrinth is actually a steam-engined factory-like island and hidden islands 10 and 9 are similar to this zone.

  • In some parts of the zone you'll be automatically bouncing off drums from one to another. It's a good time for doing tricks and getting high points (picture on the front).
  • There many pipes in this zone that steam comes out of them. They're harmless and work kind of like springs. So you can get trick points by them too.
  • In a few sections, you can use a glider to glide. The only control then is pressing Up dpad. Press it to ascend, and to descend just don't press it. Follow the marks that show you to either ascend or descend and at the end there'll be a useful item or shortcut. It's not that easy though as hitting any objects or walls will make you fall off.
  • The boss of this zone is the Ghost Pendalum. It is defeated by attacking the swinging orbs at a high speed to force the ball to hit the floating robot. For the final blow, you must hit the red sphere.

Coral Cave[edit]

In Act 2, the mine cart goes through an underground route

Coral Cave is a cave full of gems that comes out of water and contains Red Materials. Hidden islands 4, 8 and 11 are similar to this zone and Sonic meets Blaze in this island.

  • In some parts you find a huge pulley with a Hook and rope at the end, it sends you down and then up, you can trick off it like a Spring. You press R button before you reach the hook when you are on the pulley, because that part counts as a Rail and you can get trick points.
  • There may be some huge wooden levers in your way that automatically transport you to another level of the cave.
  • You may also see giant rocks hanging on the ceiling of the cave by corals. Well they won't last for long and will fall. You'll die if they fall on you. So always keep your eyes open for them since they come out of nowhere. Some times there is going to a situation where there are two rock hanging above you and you have nowhere to run. In that case try to figure out which one is going to fall off first. So go under the one that's going to fall later and after the first one fell, jump on it so that the second one won't fall on you.
  • In some sections you'll have to ride on a mine cart. Boost to push them and hop in them. press Left dpad to slow the cart down and A button/B button to jump. In act 2 you'll go through an underground route with the cart (picture above) and by pressing Left dpad and Right dpad you can change your path. Also try to jump over bombs and lava.
  • The boss of the zone is a Ghost Krakken that is similar to an octopus. It takes damage when you hit it's green tentacle. Sometimes, it pulls the Arena underwater, which slows your movements. It can also spit oil on the field, which will make the character stick on the ground if you land in it. For the final blow, it machine will block the screen with oil to block the player's view.

Haunted Ship[edit]

If you press the corresponding button when the button turns yellow when you hit it, you can earn Combo Stars

The Radio Tower detects some strange waves from haunted ships in the west... The crew goes there to investigate the creepy ships with their owners' ghosts on it... Silver material can be found there and hidden island 15 is similar to this zone.

  • There are strange blue ropes you can bounce on in this zone perfect for tricks.
  • There are also anchors that by simply passing them, you'll hang on them and the rope twirls and throws you tho another side. After it throws you, try to do tricks and get points.
  • Some times a haunted barrel automatically captures you and goes up. You can break out of it by pressing A button rapidly. They may lead to a shortcut.
  • You can jump in cannons and the cannon shoots you to another ship. When it shoots you, you go through a series of hoops, each hoop has either the A button, B button or R button on it. If you press the corresponding button when the button turns yellow when you hit it, you can earn Combo Stars (picture above), but if you press at the wrong time or the wrong button, you loose your combo.
  • Some times another ship appears and shoots cannon at you. Just boost and escape it and you should be fine. It is unknown who controls the ship but it could be the ghosts...
  • There are flaming skulls that try to stick to you. When they do, you won't be able to jump and your speed will be decreased. Simply press Y button to get rid of them. After a few seconds they'll let go of you automatically so don't creep out if your boost gauge is empty.
  • The boss is the Ghost Pirate. When you hit it, a red sphere moves to the top of the ship. The player must climb up and attack the sphere to damage it.

Blizzard Peaks[edit]

You can get massive points while sliding

Blizzard Peaks is a snowy island full of mountains and Vikings leave there. You'll be snowboarding in most parts of this zone and hidden islands 12 and 13 ar similar to this zone. Aqua material can be found in this zone.

  • While snowboarding, you can't go backwards but you can slow yourself down by pressing Left dpad or go faster by pressing Right dpad. You can also jump while snowboarding.
  • If you land on an ice slab (they're in the air), it will throw you off just like a spring.
  • In some parts, you'll be sliding on a curved icy platform and will be sliding back and forth. This is the perfect time for doing tricks and you can get massive points by pressing B button the whole time you're sliding on it. (picture on the front)
  • There are Frozen horizontal vines that you'll be bouncing off them and you can do tricks after you bounce off them.
  • When escaping an avalanche, simply boost to run from it faster.
  • When you grab on an ice cycle, you'll start to slide down from it. So jump from an ice cycle to another before you fall.
  • You can get massive points in this zone. But it takes a lot of time and you may not get a high rank. So try to keep a balance between tricks and time.
  • The boss is the Ghost Whale. This boss only takes three big hits and one final blow. To strike a large blow, you must let the whole whale smash into the iceberg. When it opens it's mouth, jump in and follow the path to the center, but you only have 30 seconds. You can restart the second count by hitting blue switches. For the final blow, hit the whale's sphere after three hits. Unlike other bosses, you only have five attempts to defeat the boss or your character dies.
  • This is the fifth zone, but it is possible to play this as the sixth zone.

Sky Babylon[edit]

Blaze is immune to fire

In story mode, you'll find this island after beating hidden island 2 and it's actually a floating island similar to that of Sonic Riders. You can find Gold material in this zone.

  • There are balloons that operate kind of similarly to the metal platforms in Sonic Rush's Altitude Limit. Hanging on to one, you can steer right or left, but you can't control how fast the device goes up. If you crash into something, you have to try to land where you got the device in the first place, because another one will soon appear to replace it.
  • Just like the ones in haunted ship, there are purple ropes that work like them.
  • There are also some Purple gems that have sparkly stars surrounding them, if you touch the stars you start to float and you will eventually float on top of them. You are pretty vulnerable here, all you can do is move left or right until you are out of the stars again, but they do take you to higher areas.
  • Blaze is immune to fire (picture above), So it's better to stick with her in this zone since there are many fiery platforms and walls in this zone.
  • The boss battle with the Ghost Condor has the character running continuously, similar to the fight between Sonic and Shadow in "Sonic Adventure 2". You can damage the boss by hitting either green bombs or mini-green robot droped in the path by the condor. For the final blow, the condor will fall toward the bottom screen.
  • This is the sixth zone, but you can play it as the fifth.

Pirates' Island[edit]

While riding on a dolphin, go through the rings in order to get Combo Stars

Before you get to this zone you have to find three clues. They are located in different hidden islands. Here is their locations:

  • Hidden Island 3 (north east of Haunted Ship)
  • Hidden Island 4 (east of Haunted Ship)
  • Hidden Island 5 (south of Haunted Ship)

Pirates' Island, as it name says is where the pirates live. This island is filled with ruins and Black material can be found here. (also in final boss)

  • There are cannons in this zone that water comes out from them. When you go to it, it will start to go up and down. When you press A button, It will begin making a water rail in the direction you have chosen. You can grind on the water and get trick points.
  • Catapults sling you into the air sideways. Careful, if you try to jump or trick too soon, they will not work properly, and you have to walk away then approach the Catapult again to reset it.
  • In some parts under water, you'll ride on a dolphin. You can go up and down by pressing Up dpad and Down dpad, slow it down by pressing Left dpad and move fast by Right dpad. If you hit wall or any other object while riding, you'll fall off from the dolphin. There are also giant rings in your way that if you go through them in order, you'll get Combo Stars (picture above).
  • There are also small fountains that work like springs and you can get trick points by them.
  • The boss is your one character against both Captain Whisker and Johnny. On his own, Whisker can shoot rocket arms, cause tempors by jumping, and flaming breath. Johnny mostly rockets toward the player's location. Halfway though, Whisker will start to hurl Johnny toward you for a bigger blow. Also, blades will begin to appear from the floor.
  • After winning, you automatically go to Deep Core, which is the final stage without the seven Chaos & Sol Emeralds.