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Cubes are an essential part of Spectrobes. They hold important information and data used to upgrade your ship or Lab System. The downside to these precious artifacts is that you need find them among the Nanairo system's seven planets. Below is a complete list of cubes.

Name Content Location found
Alpha Awakening
Beta Training
Gamma Leveling Up
Delta Evolving
Epsilon Enables usage of Custom Parts
Zeta Enables you to evolve Adult Spectrobes into Evolved Spectrobes
Eta Battle
Theta Charging
Iota Enables usage of Terrain
Kappa Searching
Lambda Properties
Mu Combos
Nu Partnering
Xi Types
Omicron Support
Pi Special Minerals
Rho Enables Color Awakening
Sigma Enables DS Wireless Play
Tau Enables Nintendo WFC
Upsilon Enables the Card-Input system
Relic Ultimate Form
Neo Ultimate Info