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Movement & Interaction[edit]

Key Function
 ↑  or PC Mouse Right Click.png or PC Mouse.png (up) Move Forward
 ↓  or PC Mouse.png (down) Move Backward
or PC Mouse.png (left) Turn Left
or PC Mouse.png (right) Turn Right
SPACE Open Door / Activate Switch
alt + or < Strafe Left
alt + or > Strafe Right
PC Mouse Middle Click.png + PC Mouse.png (left) / PC Mouse.png (right) Strafe Left / Right
X Jump
C Crouch
Caps Lock (Toggle) Slow Mode
PgUp Look Up
PgDn Look Down
5 (Keypad) Center View


Key Function
Ctrl or PC Mouse Left Click.png Primary Fire
Z Secondary Fire
1 Fist
2 Bryar Pistol
3 Blaster Rifle
4 Thermal Detonator
5 Repeater Rifle
6 Fusion Cutter
7 I.M. Mine
8 Mortar Gun
9 Concussion Rifle
0 Assault Cannon
F8 Holster Weapon
F9 / F10 Previous / Next Weapon
Backspace Switch between current and last used weapon

Interface & Miscellaneous[edit]

Key Function
+ / - Enlarge / Shrink Map
F1 Access P.D.A.
F2 Night-Vision Goggles (Toggle)
F3 Ice Cleats (Toggle)
F4 Gas Mask (Toggle)
F5 Head Lamp (Toggle)
F6 Headwave (view bobbing) (Toggle)
F7 HUD Visibility (Toggle)
Pause Pause Game
Alt + + / - Enlarge / Shrink Screen
Alt + F8 Automount (Toggle)