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Nominations must be accepted by the user in question. If you wish to nominate a user, contact them first on their talk page before making the nomination page. If they accept, follow the instructions on the individual request pages for Bot, Rollback, Administrator or Bureaucrat. After creating the nomination page or starting a section on the Current requests page (for rollback and bot nominations), ask them to sign their acceptance. Make sure you also read and understand the front page before nominating yourself or others.

Is the nominee up to the task?[edit]


Ask yourself, is the person you are nominating going to fit the job of an admin? Are their comments supportive and constructive? Do other editors get along with them?

The admin at StrategyWiki are asked to uphold the policies of the site. Anyone who contributes to the improvement of the policies and knows them well may be a good candidate. Editors that work well with other contributors, sort out conflicts through peaceful discussions, and who are overly enthusiastic about the community are also desired nominees.


Is the person a current administrator with a history of fairness and knowledge? Are they in good standing with the community? How well has their tenure as an administrator gone?

Bureaucrats are held to the highest standards of the wiki. They should be able to answer questions and give guidance to any editor, including administrators. Key characteristics of bureaucrats are extensive knowledge of the wiki, including its larger goals, good interpersonal and mediation skills, and a solid history of fair and reasoned decisions as an administrator.


Rollbackers should ideally have reverted vandalism in the past and/or made a great number of contributions to the wiki. Rollbackers receive the tools to revert all recent edits to a page from a single user or IP, so a good understanding of policy is a necessity. Rollbackers also do not have their edits flagged for patrol, so good edits and a trustworthy history are important.

Bot status

Users requesting a bot account should first and foremost be aware of how and when to use fully or semi-automated programs to edit the wiki. Due to the great potential for a harm a malign or uncontrolled bot could cause, bot status should only be granted to trusted users who have proven they can edit responsibly.

The nomination process[edit]

In general you will follow these simple steps to nominate someone (excluding informing yourself, for self-nominations):

  1. Inform the user of your desire to nominate them.
  2. Upon acceptance on the user's talk page, follow the instructions in the individual requests page and update the current requests page.
  3. Be sure to fill out the "User Description" and cast your vote, where applicable.

Requests for adminship and bureaucratship will generally be left open for a week, unless there is clear consensus before then, and rollback and bot requests will be handled as soon as a bureaucrat has the time to review them.