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The Ski Jump[edit]

On the ascent, there are two notable jumps just before turns. In the first, you should approach the ramp at 140 Km/h, while the second should be approached at 160 Km/h.

On the final turn (recognized by the view of the ground), you need to accelerate to 200Km/h, possibly a bit higher. You will need to land directly on the downward ramp after the jump to avoid taking damage.

The Draw Bridge[edit]

After the first turn will be the most dangerous jump in the game. This section of the track raises and lowers every few seconds, requiring you to time your approach. Ideally, you will want to enter the ramp when it is lowering, and make the jump when the ramp is mid-way. If the bridge is raising before you enter the ramp, slow down - otherwise, use turbo to clear the jump. This single jump can easily cause permanent damage, whether you approach the ramp at the wrong time (i.e. it is fully raised), or if the jump launches you too far (causing you to land on the basic track rather than the ramp.)

After the single jump will be a long track that gives you time to speed up. There will also be a few pits as well.