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Combat is the core portion of Sword of Fargoal, and the main stat covering it is Battle Skill.

First, the ratio between your battle skill and the monster's battle skill is determined — if they are equal, the ratio is 1. If your skill is double, the ratio is 2, and so on.

This ratio is multiplied by four times your current level to produce your maximum base damage. The amount of damage you inflict is chosen randomly between 1 and that number. If you have an enchanted weapon, you then inflict additional damage with that weapon.

The monster's attack works similarly — its damage uses the ratio between its skill and yours and multiplied that by four times your current level. However, the monster cannot damage you through your shield (but can still steal gold or the sword).

Fighting is automatic and works in rounds — as long as you remain in combat with the enemy, you exchange blows. If you initiated a battle, you can flee simply by moving away. If you are attacked instead, you must wait until the battle completes — either the monster flees by stealing your gold, or you teleport away (you can cast the spell through the keyboard, or hit the action button).

Winning a battle[edit]

To win a battle, simply wait until the monster is slain. You will gain between 1 to 5 points in battle skill, and you gain experience equal to your level multiplied by the sum of the monster's battle skill and maximum hit points.

Losing a battle[edit]

You lose a battle if your hit points drop below -5. Even if you slay the enemy, you can still die if your hit points is below 0 and you can't bring them back up with a healing potion.


Battle obviously takes a toll on your health.

Your base regeneration rate is one hit point per 10 seconds, with faster regeneration occurring at low health (effectively instantaneous if you have exactly 1 hit point.) Your recovery rate is doubled for each regeneration spell you cast, and is also doubled by resting on a temple.