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Throughout the dungeon, you will find bags of gold and loose coins. This gold can be carried and sacrificed at a temple for experience. Initially, you are instantly healed when your sacrificed amount reaches a total of 2000. As you dive deeper into the dungeon, the amount required for a full healing rises. In addition, if you cross the threshold amount for a healing and you are already at full health, you will have any shield you carry fully repaired and an additional +1 enchantment added to your sword.

You can initially carry 100 gold. For each magic sack you find, you will be able to carry and additional 100 gold. Any gold you find that is above your carrying limit can be buried to remain hidden from the monsters. The buried gold is marked with an "X" on the dungeon floor, and a gold pixel will be added to the level map, marking its location.


Special items can also be discovered.

Item Rarity Effect
Healing Potion Common Allows you to instantly regain health
Magic Sack Common Increases gold capacity by 100
Beacon Rare Provides a teleport destination
Invisibility Spell Rare Hides the player from view
Regeneration Spell Rare Doubles healing rate - cumulative with temples and spells
Teleport Spell Common Teleports to a random location
Shield Spell Common Protects against attacks
Drift Spell Rare Cancels damage from pit traps
Light Spell Rare Increases vision radius + detects secret doors
Enchant Weapon Rare Increases damage - cumulative and permanent
Treasure map Rare Provides a complete map of a dungeon level.
Amulet of healing Very rare Permanently increases rate of healing.
Amulet of light Very rare Permanent light spell; assassins still remain invisible.
Black Orb ? Absorbs flash effects, eventually turns silver
iPhone only
Silver Orb ? Absorbs Darkness effect from Shadow Dragon breath
iPhone only
Dragon's Eye ? Detects Invisible creatures
iPhone only
Lion's Claw (Amulet) ? Increases strength
iPhone only
Spiritbane (Amulet) ? Ghosts will avoid you
iPhone only
Painbringer (Amulet) ? You hear howls of pain when you wear it... It causes minor damage to nearby enemies. Makes bats/centipedes avoid you.
iPhone only.

Note that a monster will destroy these items if he walks over them. Human opponents will pick some of them up and use them against you.


The treasure chests you find in the dungeon may instead be disguised traps.

Trap Effect
Ceiling trap Damage: 0-9 + dungeon level
Avoid by casting teleport
Explosion Damage: 0-14 + dungeon level
Avoid by preparing shield - spell must be prepared beforehand
Pit trap Damage: 0-9 + dungeon level. Re-entering the tile causes downward travel for 2-5 levels.
Avoid damage by casting drift
Teleport Forces the player to teleport

If you trigger a trap, there is a chance that you will lose your map. To prevent this, you can either prepare the necessary spell before stumbling on the trap, or cast it while the trap activates.