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Ex Skills are skills that can be equipped to all playable characters via Ex Gems. There are four levels of Ex Skills, each corresponding to a certain-leveled Ex Gem. And, each level has four available skills. Once an Ex Gem has been equipped, you can't take it off. You can replace it with another gem, but the previously equipped one will be lost.

Each Ex Gem is also aligned with "Tech" or "Strike" and will make the character equipping them disposed to that side.

Ex Gems[edit]

Ex Skill Boosts[edit]


Level Alignment Boost Effect
1 Strike Strength Strength +5%
1 Strike Defend Defense +5%
1 Tech Appeal Raise Unison Attack Bar by taunting with the Z Button
1 Tech Accuracy Accuracy +10%
2 Tech Evasion Evasion +5%
2 Tech Dash Faster movement in battle
2 Strike Vitality Max HP +5%
2 Strike Personal Movement speed increases in towns and dungeons
3 Strike Eternal Combines with other Ex Skills
3 Tech Spirits Max TP +5%
3 Tech Combo Plus Adds one extra melee attack with the A button
3 Strike Well Guard Damage taken while guarding is reduced
4 Strike Immunity Higher probability of avoiding status ailments
4 Tech Sky High Can melee attack continually while airborne
4 Strike Canceller Can perform another tech after using one
4 Tech One More Stun effect lasts longer on downed enemies

Ex Skills[edit]


Ex Skill Boosts Required Effect
EX Attack 1 Strength +1 Defend Increase damage to guarding enemies
Appeal Armor 1 Strength +1 Appeal Can't be stunned while taunting.
High Slash 1 Strength +2 Personal Critical hit rate increases
High Turn 1 Defend +2 Dash No skidding when you stop running
Appeal Stop 1 Appeal +2 Evasion Can cancel taunt by guarding
Escaper 1 Appeal +2 Dash Decrease escape time
Lucky Union 1 Appeal +2 Personal Probability that a Unison Attack will not deplete the bar
Guard Away 1 Accuracy +2 Dash Can't be stunned while backstepping
EX Defend 2 Evasion +2 Vitality Probability of not becoming stunned while taking physical damage
Union Force 1 Defend +3 Eternal Increase damage done by Unison Attacks
Relax 2 Evasion +3 Spirits During battle, TP will slowly recover when still
Life Up 2 Vitality +3 Spirits Low chance of Max HP increasing at the end of battle
Limiter 2 Personal +3 Eternal Overlimit duration increased
Mental Up 3 Eternal +3 Spirits Low chance of Max TP increasing at the end of battle
Recovery Arts 1 Accuracy +4 Sky High Attack in the air after being in a passive position
Guard Status 3 Eternal +4 Immunity No Status Effects
Counter 3 Well Guard +4 One More Press A while guarding to avoid stun and attack back
Sky Cancel 4 Sky Cancel +4 Canceller Can perform some techs in the air
EXP Plus 1 Appeal +2 Personal +3 Eternal EXP +5%
Get Well 1 Defend +2 Vitality +4 Immunity Recover from status ailments after a certain amount of time
High Combo 1 Accuracy +3 Combo Plus +4 One More Able to attack immediately after landing
Technical 3 Spirits +3 Combo Plus +4 One More Skills cost 10% less TP than before
Aerial Guard 3 Well Guard +4 Immunity +4 Sky High Can guard in the air
Counter Combo 3 Well Guard +4 Canceller +4 One More Can attack after performing a counter