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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control Mikey through each stage. Press Left dpad or Right dpad to make Mikey run, and press Up dpad or Down dpad to make Mikey climb up or down a ladder or vine.
  • A button: Press A to make Mikey jump. You can jump straight up, or jump to the left or right. If you jump straight up, you can control the jump slight with Left dpad or Right dpad, but if you perform a running jump to the left or to the right, you cannot change directions until you land.
  • B button: Press B to make Mikey attack. Normally, when Mikey is unarmed, Mikey attacks with a powerful kick. This kick is enough to hurt most enemies in the game. When Mikey is armed with a slingshot, press B to fire one of the slingshot stones which will continue to travel until it hits something or leaves the screen.
  • Down dpad + B button: Press down and B to light and deposit a bomb on the floor as long as you are holding a bomb in your inventory.
  • Start button: Press Start to begin the game, and pause the action.
  • Select button: No use.



Goonies Mikey.png

Mikey is on a mission to rescue the rest of the Goonies, and you must guide him through each of the stages in order to do it. Mikey can run, jump, climb, and kick. Kicking is Mikeys primary means of offense unless he arms himself with a slingshot. Throughout the game, Mikey will have to attack various enemies in order to remove them from his path, and collect bombs to open doors and find keys or other Goonies. In order to escape from each stage, Mikey has to find and collect three keys that will open the passage to the next stage. Mikey has a health bar and will lose his life if he takes enough damage to reduce it to zero. Mikey can restore his life by collecting a red potion, revealing eight hidden diamonds, or by completing a stage. Mikey can also lose his life through other means, such as standing on an exploding bomb, or being crushed by a giant rock. Mikey is awarded an extra life if he collects a yellow potion.


Drop Items[edit]

These are items that drop from an enemy after you kill some of them. Drop items will remain on the screen for a short while. They will disappear after that time if you do not collect them.

Item Name Desctription
Goonies bomb.png Bombs Bombs are the most important item that Mikey must collect and use throughout the game. Bombs are used primarily to blast open the sealed skull doors and collect the contents inside, which may be a Goonie, a key, a potion, or a slingshot. At first, Mikey can only hold on to one bomb at a time, but if he reveals the hidden backpack, then he may store up to two bombs at one time. Bombs are dropped by many enemies such as red rats, foxes, fish, and the octopus.
Goonies cross.png Cross Crosses are only dropped by the rare white mice. When Mikey picks them up, he is granted temporary invulnerability. He can walk through and destroy any enemy that he touches. Mikey will flash while invincible and a different song will play in the background. The first cross that Mikey collects in a stage will last for quite a while, but subsequent crosses will only grant him a few seconds worth of power.

Reveal Items[edit]

These are items that can only be found behind the sealed skull doors. You must use a bomb to reveal their contents. The contents in each stage is predetermined, but their placement behind the skull doors are randomized.

Item Name Desctription
Goonies key.gif Key Three keys are needed to escape from every single stage. The passage to the next stage will remain locked until all three keys have been discovered and collected.
Goonies goonie.gif Goonies There is one captured Goonie hidden in all six stages. You do not have to find them before you escape, but you won't be granted access to the final stage on One-Eyed Willie's ship if you don't collect all five of them before you reach the passage beyond the fifth stage. If you don't have all five Goonies, you will be sent back to the first stage at the same level of difficulty.
Goonies potion red.png Red Potion Collecting a red potion restores 8 of Mikey's 23 Hit Points.
Goonies potion yellow.png Yellow Potion Finding a yellow potion earns you a 1-Up. A yellow potion will appear in place of the next red potion you discover after you have collected 32 diamonds.
Goonies slingshot.png Slingshot When you find a slingshot, collect it to receive the sling and 50 stones to use as ammunition. When you have the slingshot, you can only use the slingshot, you may not kick. When you use up all 50 shots, the slingshot disappears and you return to kicking.
Goonies ring.png
Goonies crown.png
Goonies necklace.png
Jewels These riches may only be collected on the sixth and final stage aboard One-Eyed Willie's pirate ship. They are worth 8000 apiece, and you are not required to collect them, but it's a smart idea (Andy can wait). After all, these are jewels that are going to save the Goon docks from foreclosure. So grab all of them for a super high score.
Goonies andy.gif Andy Andy is the sixth and final Goonie that you must rescue to complete the sixth stage. You can only rescue her if you rescued all five of the other Goonies. She is the only Goonie that differs in appearance. Once you collect her, you will be treated to the ending sequence.

Hidden items[edit]

Hidden items must be revealed by pressing the right input. That input is different on every stage. After you beat the game on the first level, the input changes for each of the stages during the second level. After you complete the second level, the input switches back to the original input, and the cycle repeats.

Item Name Desctription
Goonies diamond.gif Diamond Exactly 8 Diamonds are hidden in every stage and passageway. Every time you collect 8 Diamonds, your entire health meter will be refilled. You carry diamonds over from one stage to the next, so even if you don't locate all 8 diamonds from one stage, you can complete your set with diamonds from another stage.
Goonies bag.png
Inventory item Two different inventory items will be hidden in each stage. They will be revealed by exactly the same method as the diamonds are. However, some items can be found in more than one stage. And if you already collected an item that the current stage offers, you will be unable to make the bag that contains that item appear.

Inventory Items[edit]

These are the items that you can collect from the two inventory item bags hidden in each stage. Once collected, they appear in your inventory at the top of the screen.

Item Name Desctription
Goonies headphones.png Headphones Headphones protect you from the ear-splitting chords that disperse from the singing Fratelli brother. With these headphones, you can walk through the notes he creates without taking damage.
Goonies flamesuit.png Flamesuit A flamesuit will allow you walk beneath the flame jets that line the ceilings of certain stages without taking any damage.
Goonies Raincoat.png Raincoat The raincoat will protect Mikey from any damage caused by water, whether it is in the form of steam released from pipes, water that drips from the ceiling, or the intermittent streams from the waterfalls.
Goonies helmet.png Helmet The helmet protects Mikey's head from the falling stalactites that drop from the ceiling. You won't receive any damage if you touch them while wearing the helmet, but some traps can still hit you with it on.
Goonies jumpshoes.png Jump Shoes The jump shoes aren't nearly as useful as you would expect. You collect them in the third stage, but you can only use them in one particular passage-way. In a lower section of the stage, you can use to shoes to reach a high platform that is otherwise unavailable. This platform leads to a warp that allows you to bypass stage 4. Even after you have collected these shoes, they will not enhance your jumping skills in any other section of the game.
Goonies backpack.png Backpack The backpack provides a very valuable ability to hold on to more than one bomb at a time. Once you collect the backpack, you can hold on to two bombs at one time. You may only ignite one at a time however.
Goonies armor.png Armor The armor protects you from a number of potentially dangerous attacks, such as the bullet from the gun-toting Fratelli brother, the bones and skulls thrown by skeletons, and even attacks from bats.