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Mikey makes it safely through the booby-trapped pathway to the haven of another passageway. Skeletons and bats abound, but they are old news to Mikey by now. With four Goonies in tow, only two remain. The fifth lies beyond this passage.


Goonies PassageB.png


This passage is even shorter than the last. You can clear it in a matter of seconds, but it's worth exploring to find a few goodies like a hidden character and eight diamonds. Take your time to earn the points.


Item Reveal Method
  • Odd levels: Left dpad
  • Even levels: Left dpad+Up dpad

Visiting seemingly worthless portions of the stage will yield valuable discoveries. Another two sets of four diamonds can be found, but don't forget about the three diamond per screen limit.



Tanuki is the Japanese name for a member of canid family. They resemble raccoons, but are more closely related to dogs. They have been a frequent element in Japanese folklore for a long time. The presence of this particular Tanuki is not easy to explain. Nor is the fact that its full Japanese name indicates that this Tanuki happens to be drunk. Nevertheless, it's still worth 5000 points if you manage to collect it. Otherwise, you will only get 1000 for making it appear.