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In this level, zombies are much more powerful, and the farther you go, the more powerful they get. The easiest way to fight your way through is to shoot them the second they appear, because they appear far away. Save most of the people because they give you more health. At one point, you will have to shoot an arrow on a left or right elevator. Always shoot the arrow on the right elevator! If you picked the right one, the elevator will open and two skeletons will walk out. If you pick the left one, you will have to go in a huge circle!

Boss: Hermit[edit]

This is a mutant spider crab. Try shooting its eyes. Shoot any of the web balls he blasts at you. He will run away from you and then run back at you. While he does this, shoot his eyes as fast as you can. Sometimes he blocks his eyes. Keep shooting him at his eyes because you never know when he will lift his claw and try to attack you.