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The House of the Dead is a rail shooter light gun game, meaning the player is moved by the game and must shoot approaching enemies (in this game they are zombies).


  • Thomas Rogan: An AMS agent who fights his way through hordes of zombies along with G. He hears a phone call from Sophie Richards and quickly gets to the mansion.
  • G: Rogan's companion who also aids him in fighting the zombies.
  • Sophie Richards: Rogan's fiancée. She also knows G. She was attacked by zombies and called Rogan for help. She is wounded and her survival depends on how well you do.
  • Dr. Roy Curien: A blind madman who runs the DBR corporation (a business that works in his mansion, making zombies). He went so insane that he released his zombies and had them kill anyone, even the people that worked for him! Rogan and G saved many people and killed all the zombies.


In the game you must shoot approaching zombies and save civilians. Players also have a branching path system, in which a player goes in different paths depending on their actions. Health is lost when a zombie attacks you. New health is found in different boxes or people who are saved will give you one.

The game is in four different chapters, each with a different boss at the end. Each boss has a secret weak point that, if shot, drains its life faster.