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The Ninja Warriors attract intro.png

Once you have inserted your coin(s) into the cabinet of Taito Corporation's 1987 beat 'em up arcade game The Ninja Warriors, the text of "PUSH 1 OR 2 PLAYER BUTTON" shall appear on the screen; you'll now have to push either Start Button to begin the game as the red-suited, female android Kunoichi (Player 1) or her blue-suited, male counterpart android Ninja (Player 2). Kunoichi's score is displayed to the left of the screen's top-centre while Ninja's is displayed to the right of its top-centre (however, if one side of the cabinet is inactive, the text of "INSERT COIN TO 1P/2P ENTER GAME" will flash up to the left in the case of Kunoichi, or right in the case of Ninja, of where the inactive character's score would be) - and Kunoichi's energy bar, along with her shuriken count, is also displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen to the right of the text "1UP" (when she is present), while Ninja's are displayed in its bottom-right corner to the right of the text "2UP" (when he is present). Furthermore, the current stage's timer, which will start at 300 seconds (5:00) in each stage, is displayed in the bottom-centre of the screen to the right of the text "TIME"; if it should run out, both Kunoichi and Ninja shall automatically explode regardless of how much energy they have, as the text "PLAYER 1/2 DEAD." appears below their scores (and the game ends early as a result).