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Enemies in Tomb Raider are mostly based in the Game to try and stop Lara from completing her Goals (Obviously) but these enemies range from small pests to the Mother-of-all-monsters, these are the Enemies and tips and tricks on how to defeat them.

The caves[edit]

Bats the first enemy in which you face in Tomb Raider 1 and TR Anniversary are bats, these are very easy to kill so don't freak if it is your first time playing Tomb Raider, they aren't as dangerous as they sometimes look, and the main way to kill them is just to jump away from them and give yourself some distance.

Bears These bears are more of annoyance than a danger, they can be killed from a height without a majority of danger being involved, but there is one flaw in this strategy, the bears that you first meet are hidden under a balcony so they can't be targeted, they are slow but they will cause a bit of damage to Lara if they come in contact, so try and find a balcony which you can see the bear on and just fire away.

Wolves are mostly hidden away somewhere waiting to attack, the attack with the wolves on the off-chance looks unlikely as all it looks like will happen is that the player has to walk across a bridge, but the bridge snaps giving the wolves a chance to strike, they are deceivingly fast and usually hunt in packs, so again try and find high ground and attack from a distance.