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A Gift for Firn
A Gift for Firn
Found 1 nice souvenir for Firn.
She's Gonna Love It
She's Gonna Love It
Found 5 nice souvenirs for Firn.

Souvenirs can be found throughout Trinitia and given to Firn. She will decorate Cyan's house with them. Souvenirs can be bought in shops or are received as gifts.

After giving Firn all 9 souvenirs, talk to her again. She will mention receiving a doll that can talk. Go into her room on the second floor and there will be dolls of the main characters on the floor. You can interact with any of them to listen to a random voiced line.

Name Description Location
Ephemeral Lamp A lamp made to imitate bioluminescent plants. Emits a soothing, gentle glow. From a town shrouded in Darkness. Astrum
Rosa's Jewel Rosa carefully crafted this jewel for an accessory. Its bottom part sort of reminds you of a familiar beard... Urbantheria
Seaweed Shelf Shelves built with timber from a strange tree. Can hold all sorts of things. Old junk put to a new, better use. Grimgreed
Varna Clock An ancient device that once kept time. Although now broken it still has great historical value. Desperacia