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Trip World is divided into five (numbered) Worlds, all of which are presented as large, connected areas instead of being divided into stages and always have to be played in the same order (beginning with World 1 and ending with World 5). The goal is to navigate Yacopu through each World, following a more or less linear path through it, and defeat a Boss at the end in order to automatically move on to the next World. Although Yacopu will encounter a great number of different creatures on his journey, few of them are able to harm him; as most creatures are exclusive to specific sections of Worlds, they are not organised into a list, but instead described within the context of the walkthrough itself.

For this walkthrough, maps and information on individual Worlds have been split into multiple sections, based on layout and points of interest within the World; these do not necessarily reflect any clear in-game divisions, but exist simply to ease navigation and make pages more easily comprehensible. Arrows and text are used to illustrate how individual sections are connected (e.g. "section 2" next to an arrow to indicate a passage leading to section 2) or where Yacopu appears upon entering a section, whereas black lines show divisions (visible in the game) within sections. All maps show landscape features, items and enemies as they are positioned when Yacopu enters the area.