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Game Basics[edit]


The basic wrestling match. One or two players can compete.

Tag Team[edit]

A standard 2-on-2 tag team match. 2 players can compete against each other or team up against the computer. You can also wrestle as two separate teams in the Tag Title tournament.

Triple Tag Team[edit]

A 3-on-3 tag team match. A 2-player match in this mode is Vs. only. Only one of your partners will be on the ring apron at a time; to select which one is current, press A+C (or the Mode button on a six-button controller).

Royal Rumble[edit]

You must fight the other 11 superstars in an over-the-top-rope elimination match. Six wrestlers will be in the ring at a time, and when a wrestler is eliminated, a new one will enter the ring until all 12 are accounted for. Opponents can be thrown out by winning the Tie-up with the 'A' button near the ropes or by using a Hiptoss against a running opponent near the ropes.

Match Options[edit]

  • One Fall - Referee, 10-count outside ring, Choke/Rake/Chair are illegal
  • Brawl - No Referee, no count-out, all moves are legal
  • Tournament -
    • 1-on-1: The selected wrestler runs the gauntlet of the other 11 for the World Heavyweight Title.
    • 2-on-2: The team must face each other team (selected at random) twice to win the Tag Team Title. If two-player mode is picked, each team must only be faced once.

The 1P version of each basic mode and 1P or 2P Rumbles also have a difficulty selection, from 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest). The most noticeable effect of the higher difficulty is the speed with which the computer can attack from the Tie-up.

Strategy Tips[edit]

To perform illegal moves in a regular match, punch or run into the Referee several times to knock him out (hurting him is not illegal). Also, illegal moves are legal whenever you are outside the ring.

The simplest method for victory in this game is to forget about the Tie-up. At difficulty 4 and above, it's almost impossible to beat the computer in a Tie-up, even with a turbo controller. Stick with this pattern: 3 punches, which will knock the opponent down, then immediately take 1 step back and execute a running elbow drop and several stomps/knee drops. Then, repeat the process until you can do your finishing move. It even works on Level 10 (although this is rather tricky in the Rumble).

In the Rumble, a two player team can clean up. Position one player at each end of the ring. As soon as a new computer opponent enters, have one player Tie-up and whip them to the other side, where #2 hiptosses them right back out. If you can catch the first 3 or 4 early, the ring won't be nearly as crowded.

Countouts are another way to beat the computer. Throw the opponent out of the ring and slap him around. When you knock him down, quickly enter and exit the ring to reset your count. Get him stunned when his count reaches 8 or 9, then climb back in the ring.