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Battle at Darrowmere
Location Caer Darrow, Darrowmere Lake
Special Units Uther the Lightbringer
New Units None
New Enemy Units None
  1. Escort the Lightbringer to the Circle of Power at Caer Darrow

With his Paladins keeping vigilant watch over the northlands, the Archbishop's assistant Uther Lightbringer of Lordaeron has come to offer comfort to those who are suffering the misfortunes of war. Lord Lothar has entrusted you with the protection of the Paladins' Commander and his entourage as they travel to the island township of Caer Darrow.

In this mission, you start with a combat fleet and transports, and use them to escort Uther Lightbringer from the north-west corner to the south-east. Impeding your progress are two chokepoints, one a row of cannon towers with a blockade covering access to Uther, and the second blockade covering access to the city. Although these defenses are intimidating, they're not enough to stop the naive solution of having your fleet destroy the enemy ships, and running the transports through the canals.

The AI is mostly passive in this mission, with only engaged units reacting to threats.

Cannon canal[edit]

If you want to soften the line of cannon towers, collect your units onto the four transports. You will want to unload them onto the weakest part of the northern defenses, which is a shallow inlet on the east side, before the corner. If you unload your land units there, you should have quick access to the cannon towers. If you prefer making your own entrnace, you could instead attack the south island, using battleships to breach the walls.

In the main cannon canal, there are two battleships that are the most dangerous. You will want to use the elven destroyers to attack then, ideally drawing them out, and disengage once they are both sunk. This allows your trnasports to cross through without being intercepted, and to pick up Uther.

Caer Darrow[edit]

The two troll destroyers are easy to draw out and destroy. This leaves three cannon towers and a catapult in the choke point, along with two hostile elven destroyers and one battleship.

If you have enough forces, you can still destroy the cannon towers and catapults with your battleships, or by unloading any remaining ground forces. Failing that, any attack should serve as enough of a distraction to let your transports through.

Once Uthar is unloaded outside the city, send him to the circle of power to complete the mission.