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9-Volt goes home from his school to get it down like he usually does, Nintendo style. Why not join in the fun? Bring yourself back to the past and play some good ol' Nintendo games you may or may not reconize, WarioWare style!


WarioWare MM screen 9 Volt.png
  • Name: 9-Volt
  • Genre: Nintendo
  • Microgames per boss: 15
  • Score Screen: Game Boy
  • Lives: HP

Balloon Fight[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Balloon Fight.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • Fly through the air, but don't run into the little sparkling fires! Simple! But challenging!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move, A button Rise
  • Move and rise to avoid the fires. Don't fall into the water or a fish will gobble you up.
  • Level 1: Avoid two flare.
  • Level 2: Avoid several flares.
  • Level 3: Avoid many flares. One of them is moving.

Duck Hunt[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Duck Hunt.png
  • Medal: 25 points
  • Want 8 bits of history?! Shoot the duck when it comes into your sights!
  • Control(s): A button Shoot
  • Ducks will fly past you. Shoot them when they come to your target zone.
  • Level 1: Shoot one duck.
  • Level 2: Shoot one duck, which has maneuvers.
  • Level 3: Shoot two ducks.

Game Boy[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Game Boy.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • Check it out! The original Game Boy! Remember how to insert the Game Paks?
  • Control(s): A button Insert
  • Insert the Game Pak into the Game Boy.
  • Level 1: The Game Pak is close to the Game Boy.
  • Level 2: The Game Pak is farther form the Game Boy.
  • Level 3: The Game Pak is even further.

Donkey Kong[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Donkey Kong.png
  • Medal: 25 points
  • You know this one! Donkey Kong is heaving barrels at you, so you'd better avoid them!
  • Control(s): A button Jump
  • Jump over the barrels Donkey Kong throws at you.
  • Level 1: Jump over one barrel.
  • Level 2: Jump over one to two barrels.
  • Level 3: Jump over two to three barrels.


WarioWare MM microgame F Zero.png
  • Medal: 25 points
  • It's fast! It's wicked! It's your hyper-speed driving machine! Speed past the other racers! Vroom!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • As you speed through the course, move to dodge the other cars.
  • Level 1: Move past three cars.
  • Level 2: Move past four cars.
  • Level 3: Move past five cars.

Family Basic[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Family Basic.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Locate and press the correct key! All this fun in 8 teeny, tiny bits!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad (all directions) Move, A button press
  • Move to the key given by a hint and press it.
  • Level 1: Press any number.
  • Level 2: Press any letter.
  • level 3: Press any number and letter.

Super Mario Bros.[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Super Mario Bros.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • The Goombas need a good ol' squashing! You know the drill: land on their heads, not their sides!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move, A button Jump
  • Stomp on the Goombas move to them and jump to do so.
  • Level 1: Stomp one Goomba.
  • Level 2: Stomp two Goombas.
  • Level 3: Stomp three Goombas.

Ultra Hand[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Ultra Hand.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Grab a ping pong ball with the Ultra Hand. How cool is this?!
  • Control(s): A button Grab
  • Grab a ping pong ball in a color the hint states.
  • Level 1: Grab one ping pong ball.
  • Level 2: Grab one of the two ping pong balls.
  • Level 3: Grab one of the three ping pong balls.


WarioWare MM microgame Chiritorie.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • If only cleaning were this fun! Clean up your place with this remote control vacuum!
  • Control(s): A button Move
  • As your vacuum spins, press A button when it's pointing at the garbage and it'll move to it. If you miss, don't worry. You can bounce off walls and try again, or you can cry
  • Level 1: Vacuum up one speck.
  • Level 2: Vacuum up four specks.
  • Level 3: Vacuum up seven specks.

Laser Outlaw[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Laser Outlaw.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • 2-D quick draw! Shoot the blinking target on the outlaw!
  • Control(s): A button Shoot
  • Shoot the target to win.
  • Level 1: You are going up and down.
  • Level 2: You are going left and right.
  • Level 3: You are going in a figure 8.

Hogan's Alley[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Hogans Alley.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Ah, such a classic! Shoot before you get shot, but only shoot the bad guys!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move Target, A button Shoot
  • Shoot the guys with the guns.
  • Level 1: Shoot one thug, not the woman.
  • Level 2: Shoot one thug. A cop will appear. Don't shoot the policeman.
  • Level 3: Shoot 2 thugs.

Mario Paint: Fly Swatter[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Mario Paint Fly Swatter.png
  • Medal: 25 points
  • Swat the irritating flies buzzing around you! Truly magic gaming!
  • Control(s): A button Swat
  • Swat any flies that come to your swatter.
  • Level 1: Swat one fly swat it before it flees.
  • Level 2: Swat two flies hit it before they leave.
  • Level 3: Swat three flies they go to target range for a fraction of a second so hit them by rhythm.

Ice Climber[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Ice Climber.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • Grab hold of the big bird cruising through the sky! This was once the pinnacle of gaming!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move, A button Jump
  • Grab the bird on top of the mountain. It's going back and forth, so jump carefully.
  • Level 1: The bird is on your side of the top.
  • Level 2: The bird is on the other side of the mountain.
  • Level 3: Your on the platform below the top. Jump on the top before you grab the bird.

The Legend of Zelda[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame The Legend of Zelda.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • It''s Link! Hurry up and move him into the cave! Talk about a great game!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad (all directions) Move
  • Move Link into a cave, but watch out for obsticles along the way.
  • Level 1: No obstacles
  • Level 2: A Leever will be in your way.
  • Level 3: A Zora will shoot at you.


WarioWare MM microgame Sheriff.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Take out the bad guys and avoid their cross fire.! How's that for memory lane?
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad Move, A button Fire
  • Shoot the bad guys. It is recommended that you shoot at a diagonal angle.
  • Level 1: Shoot one bad guy.
  • Level 2: Shoot two bad guys.
  • Level 3: Shoot two bad guys. The bad guy will come in, so shoot carefully.

Dr. Mario[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Dr Mario.png
  • Medal: 25 points
  • Make a line of four identical capsules. That's an 8-bit prescription I'll take anytime!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • Finish a lineup to get rid of the last remaining virus.
  • Level 1: Finish a vertical lineup.
  • Level 2: Finish a horizontal lineup.
  • Level 3: Finish a vertical lineup. The space between the viruses, so be careful.

Racing 112[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Racing 112.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • Pass as many cars as you can without crashing into them! This game is awesome!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • Go through the cars. Move to avoid them.
  • Level 1: Avoid lone cars.
  • Level 2: Avoid cars with another alongside them.
  • Level 3: Same as 2, but they now move.

Mario Clash[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Mario Clash.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • Throw the shell and knock the target off the ledge! This rules!
  • Control(s): A button Throw
  • Throw the shell as the enemy stands in the middle.
  • Level 1: Throw the shell at a Spiny, which walks casually through range.
  • Level 2: Throw the shell at a Boo it goes at the middle slowly.
  • Level 3: Throw the shell at a Paragoomba, which jump to the middle at the last second.


WarioWare MM microgame Helmet.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Make it through this 8-bit masterpiece without getting hit by the tools!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • Move a guy into the right house. Watch out for the tools falling.
  • Level 1: Avoid a few tools.
  • Level 2: Avoid a couple more tools.
  • Level 3: Avoid a lot of tools.

Urban Champion[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Urban Champion.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Guard yourself while waiting for your chance to KO your opponent! Another golden 8-bit moment!
  • Control(s): A button Punch
  • Punch your opponent until he is defeated. He blocks so hes not completely vulnerable.
  • Level 1: Punch him once. He won't block.
  • Level 2: Punch him twice. He'll block a few times.
  • Level 3: Punch him thrice. He'll block a lot.


WarioWare MM microgame Stack Up.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Time it so that R.O.B. grabs the stack of disks! Does this take you back...WAY back?
  • Control(s): A button Grab
  • Grab the rings as go over it.
  • Level 1: Grab a stack of three rings.
  • Level 2: Grab a stack of two rings.
  • Level 3: Grab one ring.


WarioWare MM microgame Metroid.png
  • Medal: 30 points
  • Destroy Mother Brain! Ah, "Metroid"... Now that's one good game!
  • Control(s): Down dpad Transform, A button Fire
  • Shoot the Mother Brain until it is destroyed. It sometimes fires back and it blocks your fire.
  • Level 1: The Mother Brain doesn't fire at all.
  • Level 2: The Mother Brain fires at you a few times.
  • Level 3: The Mother Brain fires at you a lot.

Wild Gunman[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Wild Gunman.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • I love this game! Prove who's the fastest draw in the West!
  • Control(s): A button Fire
  • Fire at your opponents as he says "Draw!" Fire very quick, or he fires you first.
  • Level 1: Your opponent fires very late.
  • Level 2: Your opponent fires early.
  • Level 3: Your opponent fires very early.


WarioWare MM microgame LazerBlazer.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Take out the enemy missiles! What a classic!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad Move, A button Fire
  • Move to aim the rockets going to the right. Fire at them.
  • Level 1: Fire at one rocket.
  • Level 2: Fire at two rockets.
  • Level 3: Fire at three rockets.

Boss: Ultra Machine[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Ultra Machine.png
  • Medal: 5 points
  • Batter up! Can you connect with the pitches? Watch for the change-up!
  • Control(s): A button Swings
  • Swing the bat at the given number of balls out of ten. Miss more than the white balls, and you lose. The hazards are similar to Jimmy's Batter Up
  • Level 1: Hit the least amount of balls. (Depending on the speed.)
  • Level 2: Hit one more amount of balls.
  • Level 3: Hit one more amount of balls.