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Name DP Gold CP Location Special effect
Ivory Armor 3 free N/A You receive this after becoming Lizard-Man. n/a
Mithril Armor 12 44 0 Sold in the village shop. n/a
Shogun Lamellar 35 500 55 Sold in the jungle shop. Must be Mouse-Man. n/a
Crystal Armor 75 3210 153 Found in the tower in the middle of the curly Mouse-Man maze. n/a
Goblin mail 24 180 5 Found in the shop where you first get a key on the beach best obtainable when you are Lion-Man. n/a
Samurai armor 103 47 1000 To the right of the city only obtainable with Piranha-Man or Bird-Man. n/a
Dragon mail 30 300 50 Found in the desert Either kill the blue enemies in the lava or buy it in the shop. Immune to lava
Prince armor 97 1600 0 Found to the left of the city, its the door under the mouse blocks. makes hearts drops more often
Hades armor 63 2000 80 Found above the samurai castle in the underground. revives you after your death (destroy armor)
Legendary Armor 100 6545 255 Hidden door in the exit of Mecha dragons castle. Only obtainable as Bird-Man. n/a