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Name AP Gold CP GG cost Location
Ivory Sword 3 free N/A free You receive this after becoming Lizard-Man.
Mithril Sword 12 15 4 10 Sold in the village shop.
Shogun Blade 35 225 91 130 Sold in the jungle shop. Must be Mouse-Man.
Lucky Sword 40 310 65 198 Sold in the shop accessed through the sewer. Must be Hawk-Man or Piranha-Man. Swim to the right through the sewer and surface through the hole. When equipped, any gold coins you receive from chests, enemies, or dragons turn into bags full of gold. It may also affect the chance of getting magic and Charmstones from enemies.
Thunder Saber 0 free N/A free This sword is in the castle at the far end of the lava. You need the Dragon Mail to access it, and you must have access to Piranha-Man and Mouse-Man's transformations. Once inside the castle change into Mouse-Man and climb up to the chest. Once you have this any weapon (except the Magical Saber) can be used to smash breakable blocks, you do not have to equip it.
Magical Saber 0 free N/A free As Mouse-Man, smash the breakable blocks in the village and fall down into the hole. Walk to the left and fall into the first hole you see. Stick to the ceiling and fall into the next gap. Go through the door. Head to the lowest breakable block. Shatter that to make a door appear. Inside there you'll find a chest with the Saber. The Magical Saber is used to turn star indents in the background into breakable blocks in the foreground.
Muramasa Blade 58 800 168 490 Must be Mouse-Man to get this. Shatter the blocks left of the town and head to the left. Shatter the breakable block you find to make the shop appear. On the Game Gear version the shop has moved; head to the upturned ship hull to the far right of the beach (where you went to get the first key) and smash the breakable block you find inside. Note: if you equip this weapon as Lion-Man (or Tiger-Man) it instead has 160 AP.
Tasmanian Sword 74 1480 87 198
WB3 secret shop 3.png

Must be Lion-Man (or Tiger-Man) to get this. On your way to the Samurai castle you'll pass under what seems to be a dead end. In fact if you push Up dpad at the right spot you'll find a shop selling the Tasmanian Sword. This area looks slightly different in the Game Gear version, and the weapon is instead called the Kashmir Sword.

Crystal Sword 100 2980 151 1300 Enter the town's tower as Mouse-Man. Jump onto the mouse blocks on the right-hand wall and climb upwards to reach this shop.
Legendary Sword 155 free N/A free The Legendary Sword is located in Meka's Castle where you began the game. As Hawk-Man, fly over to the castle and head through it. Eventually you'll reach the room where you fought Meka; this time, his room has a chest containing the Legendary Sword.