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You're back at the mansion, in the Estate Grounds, you can talk to several students, and to Jubilee as well. But before starting the next mission, there are some things to do (see below). When you're done, go to the subbasement, here you can talk to Toad if you want, but anyway head to the Danger Room. When you're done with it, go talk to Beast to do the Juggernaut Flashback. When you're done with the Flashback, head to the War Room to start the next mission.


1 Danger Room disc (Protect 202) (in the dormitories) For the rest, see below


Sentinel Flashback[edit]

  • How to start

Inside the mansion, first floor, find and talk to Nightcrawler

  • 7th Avenue

1 Danger Room disc (Defend 202) (in an alley near the beginning)

  • 8th Avenue


  • 9th Avenue


  • 10th Avenue

1 Comic Book (on a rooftop, get it before defeating all the sentinels, use Jean to reach it with Flight, not available in the Xbox version apparently)

Juggernaut Flashback[edit]

  • Collectibles

1 Danger Room disc (Challenge Cyclops, by the stairs)